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Introducing Annie…

One of my sweet mommy friends is Kelly…She keeps a wonderful blog documenting the day-to-day life of her first daughter, Lucy, and on Thanksgiving they returned home from Vietnam with their second beautiful baby girl, Annie.  She kept a separate blog for Annie’s trip (waiting to tell the online world about their adoption until their return), and I chewed my nails and worried obsessively about this sweet little family. Their return trip to Vietnam was very different from their first, and their flight home was bumped up two days to just get everyone HOME.  They have been struggling with attachment issues and some possible health related issues with sweet Annie, and I can certainly understand that desire to just get home as soon as possible.

Sweet Annie is beautiful, with big solemn eyes and a little snub nose.  I hope she settles into her new life with her adoring big sister and precious parents very soon (because selfishly…I want to play with her too!)



On Thanksgiving morning I set my alarm extra early…but not to fire up a turkey or start the stuffing (that would come later).  I snuck out of the house and hit Starbucks for a little wake-up call, then headed to the airport with my friend so we could welcome home a sweet baby from Vietnam.  She and her family were arriving a few days early, and her arrival was a Must Photograph event.

We walked into the International Arrival area of DFW and were met by hordes of people waving flags and cheering as music blared and soldiers returned home from overseas.  It was amazing to witness.  This father peeking under the blanket that covered his son’s carseat, to peek at his baby’s face for the very first time. These soldiers coming home to a welcome like I have never seen before. Incredible. I had chills. And tears. And am oh so thankful that I was able to witness this sight.


Little Lowery…

I’m late in posting this sneak peek-but I sent it to Lowery’s mom on Facebook, and I forgot that I hadn’t posted it here too for all of you!  If you’re on FB, friend me! I’ll upload sneaks from past sessions and you can show off your gorgeous kids to your high school boyfriend (LOL).

Lowery was almost two weeks old at her session, and was so easy to play with!  Her big brother was also a star, but it’s this image that makes me feel so very festive every time I look at it.


Will and Kayla, v. 2008

These two are some of our holiday regulars, and I always look forward to watching them grow.  I first met them FOUR years ago, when Will was just starting to sit up like a big boy.  Now he’s almost 4, and seeing this family is like hanging out with old friends. Easy, effortless, and just plain FUN.

I have to laugh at this sequence of three…Just take a look:

(and then he tumbled into the grass, and I laughed so hard I couldn’t snap a decent photo of his little legs up in the air  OR I SO WOULD HAVE)

Beautiful Kayla and her GORGEOUS hair, skin, freckles, eyes, etc.  Could eat her up!

And this guy’s not too shabby looking himself ;)


The sisters…

Little Mikayla is a preschool classmate of my sweet Ben’s, and last year her family got into a little bidding war over the auction lot Sugar donates to our school every year.  On Sunday morning we beat back the time-change yawns and met to photograph Mikayla and her family, including her three big sisters (who obviously just ADORE her).

Daddy and his girls!

I love that when they sat for this photo the older girls had to duke it out over who was going to sit next to Mikayla. And she just eats it up!