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I am now the mommy of a 4 year old boy.  And I could seriously eat him with a spoon.

So darn cute, spirited, sweet and just plain yummy.

He’s adjusting to life as a middle child, and we no longer want to pull our hair out.

Happy Birthday Man!


Sugar Baby…

Sweet Colette came into the world last Monday, and on Wednesday was placed in our arms and became forever ours.  She is an absolute dream baby, both in spirit and temperament, and I had THE best time photographing my own little one.  Not unlike every other newborn I get to play with, she needed some persuasion to fall asleep. But once she was out, she let us do all sorts or crazy things to her…just take a look:

BIG HUGE THANKS to Ann of Ann Beck Photography for sending Coco this awesome little onesie.  It arrived *just* in time, and I think we’ll use at least one of these on her birth announcements.  It is so perfect!

(see? crazy.  our great dane Hannah is awesome with kids.  I think we’ll have to get this one BIG for our bedroom.)

And this, my friends, is why I look so harried and crazed these days.  If you see me around town or at school picking up the other two kids..just keep walking. We listed out all of the sessions that need to be edited in time for holiday cards and it’s over 30. The good news? I’m getting *really* good at editing pics with a baby over my shoulder.  That’s talent, people.

And you know what? I can’t imagine it any other way.  We are so blessed.


Ben + Ava…

Ava has grown up in front of my lens, and yesterday I had the chance to meet her new little brother, Mr. Ben.  At six months, he has the exact same eyes, same expressions, even the same hair as his older sister did when I first met her. It’s such a case of deja vu, photographing these baby blues again.

I mean, is there any doubt that these two are brother and sister?

EYELASHES!!! (and even better…FRECKLES!)



Mr. William is our newest baby planner.  Born last Friday, he was an absolute doll to play with today.  As my first session back after becoming a mommy of three, he and his brother were very kind to me ;)

I’m going to plead I Had a Long Day With a Long Night Ahead…and just post my favorite from today. I know William and Miguel’s parents understand. (besides, as fellow newborn parents, I have a sneaky suspicion that they’ll be up with me! ;) )

pssst! William! Thanks for missing me in the deluge from this morning!  I paid my dues yesterday.  Hope the DVD player survived ;)


Sophia meets Brenden…and the rest of Dallas…

Last week my dear friend Deanna called to let me know she had an adoption session at the airport that night…so I invited myself was asked to join her, and off we went!

We had two different cameras and two different lenses, but I’ll tell you…the love and emotion we captured that night looks the same in every photo. Amazing.

Deanna posted their story on her blog, and a few of our images. Here are a few more: