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I think this post should be called “Name That Celebrity Baby Look-alike”.

Any guesses who she looks like?

Miss Haven is 2.5, and is a very special little girl.  She is in need of a heart transplant, and every few months gets to travel to Houston to see her specialist and wait some more.  She is already a miracle baby, as she has outlived doctors’ predictions.   Her big blue eyes and lashes that go on forever had me smitten from the first minute I laid eyes on her, and we had a ball this afternoon at her session.

Her family was gifted over a year ago with this session, and we worked hard today to make sure it was worth the wait!

Of course, now I get to emai them the link to this blog…they’ve never visited the website or seen my work.  Humble pie? Yes, I’ll have a piece!

I hope they LOVE what we captured today.  :)




Tonight I trekked up north to meet with Nicholas and his cool parents.  We had a great time, and the light was AMAZING. I rarely shoot in the afternoon, but I *love* the light when we DO shoot in the afternoon.

Nicholas was such a cutie, and so fun to work with.  He’s one of those kids that just has a spark about him. His big blue eyes are so charismatic, and he was just plain fun to be around.

I love boys!


Table for 12…

What does love look like?

I think it looks an awful lot like this family.  This family has TEN. KIDS.


Aren’t they beautiful?

The two oldest are biological, and the 8 youngest are adopted from the foster care system.  Their home is filled with laughter, joy, patience, and an overall sense of love.  I have a feeling there is rarely a dull moment in this family :)

And what do you think a family of 12 uses to get around?   What my husband calls The Jon and Kate plus 8 van.



Happy Birthday sweet Sam!  I know you’re excited about the big 6.0, your missing teeth (especially the two front ones), and Kindergarten. But do me a little favor? SLOW DOWN. You are growing and changing too fast, and I can’t keep up.

Love you!


Expecting Lowery…

This morning was the first session of our “Sweet Beginnings” package, a maternity/newborn combo. This means I get to play with the belly, then play with the baby a few weeks later. Works for me!

Mr. Brady is the proud soon-to-be big brother of Miss Lowery, and I think it’s safe to say that his parents? They’re pretty sure today was a complete disaster.  Poor Brady was having a rough day, and like I always say…It’s HARD being two!

I hope his parents believed me when I said that he was doing great. He really was…take a look at these stunning big blue eyes (and pouty lip):