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Avery and fam…

Avery brought his three older siblings and his parents to the park today for their Adoption Sunday session.  Adopted domestically at birth, his family enjoys an open relationship with his birthparents, and we are hope, hope, hoping to get his birthdad to Dallas so we can photograph the boys together.  I’d love to showcase how cool open adoption can be (not to mention positive, healthy, and fulfilling for both sides).

Pssssst!  Kids!  Blow your nose before your session! Otherwise THIS may happen to YOU!

Avery’s poor parents almost didn’t make it home afterwards…I peppered them with so many questions about open adoption and their adoption experience.  And OH!-they were so incredibly helpful and excited for us.

I realize that I am sooo behind in posting updates to our adoption blog. Need to get on that. I’ll work on something tomorrow (everything is fabulous and wonderful and just plain PERFECT)…but for now, I’ve got a certain friend’s kiddo over for a sleepover and have got to get busy with the nail polish and Barbie Mermadia.



Adoption Sunday (our last one!)…

Okay, so I said this before.  And I know we have one more family waiting in the wings, so this may not be THE last, but it’s the last one on my books for a long while.  Holiday season has officially hit, and we are swamped!

Meet Rose.  She was adopted domestically at a few weeks old, and is the little sister of a dear friend of mine.  Her adoption is closed, though I know she’s been thinking about trying to find her birthmother lately.  She’s one VERY cool person, one that I’ve loved getting to know, and one that I hope will think *I’m* cool enough to be friends with in the future.

Plus, look at her daughter’s hair.  I am going to need all the tips and tricks she can spare so our baby girl has hair as pretty as Cora’s.

Of course, we had to snap a quick photo with GaGa (and 2 of her 3 grandkids…the other one decided he was finished at about this point. But we’ll torture him photograph him again later.)

Love the different shades of brown in this photograph…Love comes in every shape, size, and color!


Newborn Jacie…

I was lucky enough to be there 11 days ago when Jacie first entered the world, and today had the chance to visit her at home and photograph her newborn photos.  Newborns are seriously my favorite age.  I love knowing their quirks, and have a few tricks up my sleeve that help guarantee a quick and easy newborn session (well, as quick and easy as newborn sessions can possibly go!).

Jacie’s big brother Jarret had THE BEST laugh. It seriously cracks me up everytime.

I don’t usually bring ‘props’ of my own to sessions, preferring instead to use blankets, hats, and general stuff from around the house.  But I bought this last week and have been DYING to see what it looks like, and I’m happy to say that our baby girl (coming in October!) will be the most stylin’ newborn EVER.  Can’t you just eat this hat up with a spoon? (Not to mention the sweet pumpkin wearing it?)


Dylan, Libby & Ella…

Another of our annual family sessions that I look forward to is this trio of girls, the daughters of our very own Sugar stylist, Mindy.  Mindy comes by her job title honestly, and does an amazing job of helping our families source their clothing and locations for each session.  We *heart* Mindy, and it is fun to be able to give her a little on-the-job perk.

As always, her girls were impeccably dressed and ready to work their smiles:

We found this great little grouping of flowers that were so pretty

What’s the best way to boost those end-of-session crankies? SUGAR!


Playing with Katherine…

Katherine and her cute mommy and daddy are part of our Fall lineup every year.  And every year we have a great time, be it at the park or at their home.

This year they both had to work, and I was set loose with Katherine and her nanny. We had A BALL.

I’m so thrilled with how her session turned out, and touched by the fact that her parents trust me enough to say “Here, here’s our daughter and our home. Have fun. Can’t wait to see the results.”.

Isn’t that the best?