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It’s that time of year again!

Every year we strive to make changes in our holiday mini sessions, to make sure we don’t have to turn anyone away (and every year we fail…I *hate* turning people away!)

So this year, in order to fit as many families in as we can, we are offering MONTHLY mini sessions…but I challenge you to consider booking one of the earlier dates rather than waiting. BECAUSE…I don’t want to have to turn you away!

The first date is coming up next Friday, August 1.

Available times are

8:00 - BOOKED!

8:30 BOOKED!


9:30 - BOOKED!

10:00 - BOOKED!

10:30 BOOKED!

For information on booking one of these available times, please email Mindy at or give her a call at 214-315-9459

These spots go incredibly fast every year, so snag one while you can!

As always, these sessions are (almost) painless, certainly quick and easy, and include a package of holiday cards to start knocking names off that list. We have the same amazing designer as last year, and she’s hard at work in her little workshop, designing our one-of-a-kind cards for our one-of-a-kind clientele.



Lucy + Jadyn

Today we had a very last minute Adoption Sunday session, due in part to a last minute trip back ‘home’ (El Paso). I’ll be back on Monday, but am looking very forward to mexican food, cousins, old friends, and maybe even a little camping (don’t look so shocked!).

This sweet family was so nice to make extra time for me today so could capture these two cousins (one of which lives all the way in Florida). We let the girls get reacquainted, and it didn’t take long…since they are, after all, “best fwiends”.

Lucy and Jadyn were both adopted from the same Province in China (though different orphanages). Lucy was 14 months when she found her forever home with her cute mommy and daddy.

and her fun little cousin, “JJ” is 15 months younger.

These two are just so happy to be near one another. They were adorable to watch!


Carly + Grant

Carly and her big brother Grant (and her cute parents too, of course) took part in our Adoption Sunday session last week. We had such a great time in their home, and Carly was an absolute joy to be around. Let me tell you, this girl can talk! She started chattering when I walked in the door, and didn’t stop until I left

Carly was adopted from China at 19 months, and is now a busy, playful, *informative* five year old. She’s heading into Kindergarten in the Fall (like several little five year olds I know…*sniffle*), and this girlfriend is READY! She showed off some of her mad writing skillz…

Probably my favorite image from our session…Grant and Carly snuggled into bed, reading one of their favorite books (one of my favorites too…”Once there was a little boy…” (say it with me)).

Thanks guys for having me come out! (Carly-I still have my new ‘ring’ that you made for me…it makes me smile every time I look at it! Thank you again!)


Carter + Everett…

Our Adoption Sunday session today was extra fun…Not only did I get to meet two darling little guys from Guatemala (Carter-2.5, Everett-5), I got to meet their cool dads too. And as my husband griped to me after I got home…”What…did you decide to camp out and stay?”.

Yes, I almost did. Because this family is an absolute crack up, and I can NEVER EVER get enough time with a family that loves each other the way this one does.

Mr Carter was THE biggest ham. Look at this smile…he turned it on every time the camera pointed in his direction (I had a hard time getting him to STOP smiling, believe it or not).

Everett was feeling very Poppa’s-boy-ish today, and I just LOVE these sweet snuggle moments. Made me want to go home and scoop up my own little man for some luvin’.

Thanks guys for letting us come out today!

I’m behind in posting these, and have THREE from last week to share (I know…bad blogger! I blame color issues that are obviously still not worked out (if you go by that image on the swing above—yellow much?)).

I’m working on it, and will post them Monday. I swear.

I’d do it now, but it’s WAY past my bedtime…G’night!



Mr. Ethan had his “six month” session as part of his baby plan (I use quotations because we waited until he was sitting confidently AND everyone was in he’s a little closer to 8 months).  When I walked into his nursery to gently wake him from his nap (camera in hand, of course!) he turned his head and looked at me, and I gasped out loud.

The rolls!  Those cheeks!  That chub!  LOVE ME SOME CHUBBY BABY!

He was, true to Ethan form, extremely cooperative.  Big drooly smiles, huge blue eyes, and a fascination with my camera.  I was in heaven today.

(Plus, hellooo!  The natural light in this house is *amazing*)

Mom and Dad, I *swear* I have cute ones with big brother Alex.  But I just love these of Ethan so much and figure that well, it IS his session ;)   (Well that, and the fact that in the midst of editing a few last sneaks I turned off the surge protector to my computer with my toe.  Which is usually my hint that it’s time to snuggle into bed with People and read all about the Jolie-Pitt twins.  Er, or something.).

Thanks guys!

PS) in case you haven’t heard about a little someone I like to call Big Mama, you should check out her blog.  She sent an innocuous email yesterday asking for assistance with a “Fashion Friday” question about dressing for a photo session.  I whipped together my dream outfits and today there was a blog post containing all things Sugar.  I hope all of our new readers are enjoying the sweet, squishy babies on our blog…I hear they are good enough to send your “ovaries tap dancing on your uterus”.  Thanks for the shout out Big Mama!