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In loving memory…

My last post asked for prayers for Alexa and her family, and sadly, Alexa passed away yesterday in the loving arms of her Mommy and Daddy.  I sat down today to look through her session from last August and their happy memories, and suddenly my daughter appeared at my elbow.

“Oh Mommy…is she a princess?”

“Yes sweetheart, she is.  Princess Alexa.  The most beautiful princess of them all.”

Thank you Princess Alexa, for all that you have taught me about never giving up, living life to it’s fullest, and loving beyond any border, even that of Heaven.

I hope you are twirling in your princess dress and laughing with the angels.


A call for prayer…

This week has brought tearful news of two of our Sugar families, and I think that every prayer, every good thought, and every wish for peace and strength and love is very needed.

Alexa is such a little fighter. She is such a joy to everyone that meets her, and I have been so saddened by her CaringBridge site this week as her family documents her sudden decline in health. I hope this little one can pull through and return home to her beloved baby brother, her cute parents, and everything in her life that brings her joy.

Lila was born earlier this week, and is the baby sister of Juliette. Doctors discovered her heart condition after birth, and her 6 hour surgery is scheduled for Friday morning. They say that the first 48 hours are the most critical, and I would love nothing more than to photograph this sweet baby girl, at home with her big sister, and to celebrate her life.

Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.



Loving Wyatt…

Sweet Wyatt was our second adoption session today, and his family’s story is one of those full-circle tales that gives you goosebumps.

I first met his Mommy and Daddy last year at the NICU bedside of his big sister Isabella.  Her session took place as part of the charity Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, and I was so sad to hear of her passing in October.  She was such a fighter from the very beginning.

Her parents decided that adoption was the right choice for them and last week were present at Wyatt’s birth and able to take him home from the hospital.  Now they are living that hectic, sleepless life-with-a-newborn life, but you can tell that they wouldn’t trade one second of it.  They are so in love with their precious little guy.

Sidenote:  Daddy is a photo lover…I was busy getting little man settled for his ‘curled up naked in a basket’ series, and looked up to see this…I *had* to snap a quick pic.  I love his cute Mommy’s look of adoration, his Daddy’s camera clicking away, and his watchful aunt and cousin in the background.

And that other girl? The one on the far right? That’s my new BFF from Virginia, Patti.  I get loads of emails asking for portfolio review, advice, equipment questions, mentoring requests, etc…and I try to answer as many as I can.  Patti’s email was so sweet and for whatever reason I was feeling extra warm and fuzzy that night, and I called her.  We had a great chat and I offered to have her tag along and assist on a shoot if she was ever in town.  Guess who took me up on it?

So we had a great day playing with today’s two families, chatting up a storm in between, and I sure hope that somewhere in between she managed to take home a little encouragement, inspiration, and motivation.  She took a lot of notes, so I hope she learned something too!

Thanks for the Starbucks, lunch, and the laughs Patti!  (See? I’m easy!  Feed me and flatter me, and you’re golden!).  Ha!


New family of 6…

Today’s first adoption session consisted of a cutie pie family of six that was formed all of 6 weeks ago (before that, they were just a party of 5…and it’s easy to see that Ava just completes their family).

Ava and Alana are adopted from Russia (Alana is now 4,  Ava is 15 months), and join older siblings Michael and Melanie.  Ava came into the family less than two months ago, and was obviously very attached to her mommy (which was wonderful to see).

They were a sweet family full of laughter and giggles, and they made my job look *very* easy.

Alana and Ava aren’t the only adoptees in this family…Grandma Lou was adopted in 1932, so of course we had to include her in the fun!


I have now, officially, seen it all…

After a few years of photographing little ones, I can honestly say that this little guy deserves a medal. Of ALL the babies, toddlers and children that I’ve had the great pleasure to work with, Jackson will always come to mind as the biggest trooper, the most patient, and just an all around stellar guy.

“Why?” you ask…Well, let me tell you.

Yesterday I drove to Austin for a session with this California-based family. Last night Jackson fell and hit his head. Not only did his mommies have to wake him Every. Single. Hour. last night to make sure he was concussion-free, they also had to deal with a tummy bug that he managed to pick up during their week here in Texas. The majority of which managed to strike DURING our session.

But can you tell that he had just thrown up? Look at those laughing blue eyes…

Somewhere in here he threw up in the kitchen (TMI, I know…but you *have* to understand the conditions he was having to perform under today).

Then we loaded up for the Austin Arboretum (with lots of towels, just in case) and grabbed a few more sweet images.

(and then he threw up again, just as their car was pulling away and heading for home).

*Sigh*. Poor little guy. I mean, if we had a few more days we could have rescheduled, but their flight for home leaves tomorrow (can you imagine that flight? Julie and Lori-I am sending you strength and easy-travel vibes!).

So, given what this guy had going on in his system, and the amazing results that came of it…I am, without a doubt, naming Jackson From California our first Sugar’s Subject of the Year.

Ta-Dah! (Oh yeah, and all the accolades and honors that come along with that…of which I draw a complete blank).

Love you Jackson! Hope you are feeling better!!!