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Get your PINK on…

While I battle the computer demons that have slowed the editing of Tuesday’s sneak peeks to a c-r-a-w-l, I wanted to share something fun for all girls, big and small, that is opening tonight.

Pinkalicious, The Musical (!!!)

I know, what a perfect way to celebrate the start of Summer vacay! We’ll be going tonight (opening night), wearing pink (of course), and plan to thoroughly enjoy the pink champagne (for me and my friend), pink lemonade (for Sam and her friend), and pink cupcakes (all of the above). I’m also really looking forward to reconnecting with an old friend, who just happens to be the director (I don’t think I’ve seen her in, oh, FIVE YEARS??? Which was when a certain little one dressed in pink entered our lives, and this theater company was born…we’ve both been a leeeeeetle busy!).

Hope to see you there!


Jaimes + Gracie

Our other adoption session yesterday centered on these two sisters, Jaimes and Gracie. Gracie joined this little family just nine weeks ago, and it’s easy to see that that this is definitely the place that she was meant to be.

Jaimes is an absolute doll, just full of spirit and joy and just plain fun to be around.

Miss Gracie is just precious with her great big eyes and adorable hair. I’m definitely going to be emailing her Mom for hair care tips-she’s doing a fabulous job!

Is there anything sweeter than sisters?


Ellie + Eden

Yesterday we had an awesome time at the park with two families participating in our Adoption Sunday sessions.

First we had big sister Ellie and her new baby sister Eden. I first met this family back in February while at our adoption agency’s Adoptive Parent Orientation. They had this adorable little family come and speak to the rest of us about their decision to adopt, the process, and to show off their gorgeous new little one.

Small world…THIS is the family that spoke that month, and I remember my husband leaning over during their talk and whispering “WOW is that baby cute!!!”. We began emailing a few months ago after the girls’ mom read this blog and posted a comment, and now she’s my email buddy/profile helper/hand holder as we go through this process.

I want to open this post up with a photograph of their older daughter, Ellie. Mom made the comment once that she feels badly when people gush over how gorgeous Eden is, how beautiful, how soft her hair is and how brown her eyes. She says she has the urge to say “And Ellie is pretty too, you know!”. In the spirit of making sure Ellie knows that she is an integral part of this family, we made sure she got to feel some of the spotlight yesterday.

She ate it up :)

And her adorable, leaf-eating baby sister…Eden! She was adopted through our agency’s ABC program (African American and Biracial Children) at 5 months of age. And OHMIGOSH don’t you want to exclaim over her eyes and her hair and her absolute gorgeousness!?

I just adore this one. Pretty mommy, pretty baby…lotsa love.

Thanks you guys for participating! I love how these amazing families continue to find us…each is an inspiration and a joy to be around.


Love, Internationally…

Okay, so I’m officially tired of labeling all of these adoption posts as Adoption Sunday…especially since the most recent ones have NOT taken place on a Sunday!  At this point, you get the idea. Time for some fun titles to reemerge :) (and by fun, I usually mean corny).

Anywho-Meet this special family that I had the chance to play with today. Four kiddos from two different countries. Ranging in age from 8 to 3, they have enough spunk, personality, and love for AT LEAST two more (*running, ducking*).

They are AWESOME! I laughed so much today, just watching these cool parents juggle the emotions and personalities that come with raising four children. And did I mention the three greyhounds? Two birds? And the partridge in the pear tree? ;) (Kidding about that last part…I think)

Take a look at the love in this family…

Oldest to youngest…meet Gwendolyn. Adopted as a special needs child from China when her Mommy was single, she has the grace and poise of a young woman (with the giggle and sparkle of a Jonas Brothers fan). She was disappointed that today’s session didn’t involve more pictures of her (LOL).

Joey was next in line, and with that huge smile and open personality, he won me over in about 2 seconds. He’s definitely the entertainer of the group, quick to laugh and always ready to play. He was adopted from Kazakhstan at the same time as Truman (see below), and though they are not related, they were raised in the same room in their orphanage (how fitting that they find a forever home together).

Truman is the charmer of the group…he knows he’s a looker and OOH BOY are his parents in trouble when it comes to these big brown eyes and “cool” hair. Mr. Personality was big into monster faces and Sponge Bob, but I have mad camera skillz, and so managed to get a few of his big, beautiful smile.

Maisy is the baby of the group, adopted from China almost one year ago today. She is always up for a snuggle, and was SO CUTE laughing in her Daddy’s arms.  Like her older sister her adoption was categorized as special needs, and she was one of so many waiting children looking for a home.

She found it.

I thought this was a great, off-the-cuff shot. Four kids, three greyhounds, two parents…no perfect family shot in sight, just love, emotion, chaos, and gratitude for the gift of these children.


Adoption Sunday warm and fuzzies…

I just wanted to say I think it so great that you have created this Adoption
Sunday project.  I was adopted as an infant, 25 years ago, and I grew up
feeling somewhat different than "normal" families.   Now that I am
older, I know that there is no difference.  What you are doing with these
families show just how special adopoted children are, and that we are NORMAL in
everyway.  The expressions on the parents faces is incredible. I look at your
blog everyday to see if you have added any other sessions.  I just wanted to
let you know that I think this is great!

This is from a local photographer who was kind enough to email and let us know how she has been
touched by the Adoption Sunday session.  C-Thank you for sharing your story with us!  Look for an
email soon, we'd love to include you in the project!