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Caroline in the City…

Today I had the chance to play with a SENIOR (SQUEALS OF GLEE). I love little ones to pieces. Love wrangling them until we get the photographs their parents are hoping for. But there is something special about photographing a high school senior. It helps spark a little creativity and just plain gets me fired up when I have something a little different on the schedule. We had fun today…check her out:

She had THE most amazing eyes. I swear they were the same color as this lime green wall. And I pinkie swear that I did NOT photoshop them to make them stand out. Her eyes are stunning just as they are.


A couple of B & C…

Brady and Collin are two brothers that love a few things.  They love goldfish crackers (Just not the pretzel kind), they love to climb, they (Brady) love their lovey and paci (aka “the Plug”), and they really love each other.  Today’s weather could NOT have been more perfect, which more than makes up for the rainy, cold, windy weather last month that forced us to reschedule until today.  We had a lovely day, and two gorgeous blue-eyed boys to play with.  What more could I ask?

These brothers were quick to give each other a little Sugar…

I need a catchy name for this little series…You see, Brady was M.A.D. when Mom stepped away so he could stand on his own (you can’t see her, but she’s literally three inches to his left).  The cute part?  The fact that these four images were snapped one after another, and he went from screaming mad to contemplative to smiling and happy in about 3.4 seconds (or less).  Love a kid that knows how to rebound!

Remember those blue eyes I told you about?  You have to take my word for it, because this image just screams black and white to me.

Big brother Collin, showing the little man how it’s done.

The other thing these boys love?  Their Mom and Dad.  Such a happy, joyful family…quick to laugh, and quicker to snuggle.  We had a ball!

(Isn’t there just something so special about a first-born and their Mommy?)


Arden in the garden…

It’s so very bittersweet when you see a little one for the last of their baby plan sessions. Sweet Arden is now 2, and today was her grand finale. We met at her home and took advantage of the amazing flowers that grow in her front and back yards. Sweet girl has grown up in front of my lens, and I loved hearing all of her new words, checking out her new big girl bed, and admiring her cool new sparkly flower flip flops. She is all girl, that’s for sure!

Arden is all girl, but she has mad tree climbing skillz. Just don’t let her Daddy step too far away, or he gets this oh-so-subtle look:

At the end of our session we delivered the promised, well-earned popsicle:

Doesn’t she just look like summer?


Will + Catherine…

Are you guys sick of this park yet? ;)

I swear, no matter how many times I shoot out there, I find cool new nooks and crannies every. single. time.  Today was just a little overcast and absolutely perfect for pictures!  Catherine and Will (and their mommy) met me out there this afternoon and had an absolute ball chasing ladybugs, chasing squirrels, and chasing each other.

These two were such fun today, and obviously have a wonderful relationship with one another.

How many times do you see a little sister giving her big brother a tickle like this?

Catherine was a beauty, and once we let her put on the dress of her choice (don’t you just love it?) she was happy, happy, happy!

As the mom of a boy there is just something about eyelashes that kill me.  Boys are quick to give you big cheesy smiles or silly faces.  But show off those luscious lashes and you’ve won my heart forever.

Mom was wise to bring this little wagon along,and we put it to good use right off the bat.  There was much wailing about whose turn it was to push who, and there were multiple turns of both pulling AND being pulled by each.  Every kid needs a wagon, dontcha think?


Adoption Sunday…

This little family just makes me smile. Maybe it’s the fact that they had two bio kids (Daniel and Caroline) and decided to add to their family through adoption. Maybe it’s the fact that they are now expecting their fourth this summer and have this perpetual air of “Yes, our life is crazy…and we love it!”. Or just maybe, it’s the fact that their youngest (thus far) is so. darn. cute. with her pigtails and big brown eyes. Regardless, looking at these photos from our Adoption Sunday session today puts a big ol’ grin on my face.

Take a look, and see if you can keep yourself from grinning at Abigail and her family too:

See? You were smiling, weren’t you? ;)

Because I KNOW you love hearing about how these awesome families came to be, and because I love hearing each little story myself (and can’t help but share the love), here goes:

Abigail was adopted from China last year. She had a cleft lip and palette and has undergone two surgeries (one in China, one here at Children’s). She has a smile that could soften the hardest of hearts, and a brother and sister that obviously love her to the moon and back. And let’s not forget these parents…witnessing the love in this family is so moving and inspiring.

Thank you guys for participating today!