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Natalie with the big, blue eyes…

Natalie turned One this weekend, and we met today to document this (as my daughter would say) ginormous milestone.

Natalie is one gorgeous one year old! Those eyes…I think I probably said “Ohmigosh…I love her eyes!” about a million times. I’m nothing, if not repetitive. But seriously, look:

So we played, and laughed, and practiced walking (with help, of course):

Mom and Dad were such laid back, casual people…just how I like ‘em!

We even braved today’s chilly, windy weather for a chance to photograph on their front steps (I love texture!).
And there was this funny looking cow on their front steps….Being the Aggie-at-heart that I am, I wasn’t quite sure what to tell Miss Natalie about her parents’ love for all things orange and white.

In the end, I think this shirt says it all.

And those eyes!!!! *Ginormous*!



Oldest of three girls.

Lover of music and dancing.

Creater of silly voices.

Leader of her pack…

Did I mention that Dylan is only 7?

Her session was just. for. her. To celebrate her seven-ness. No little sisters, no going with the flow. She had her very own day, to wear her very favorite clothes, and to just be herself.

And we had a ball!


Their house just grew by four tiny feet!

Big congratulations go out to Debbie and Brandon on the safe arrival of Beck Mason and Ella Sydney this morning. The c-section went smoothly, and I was granted last minute approval to be in the delivery room (sometimes rare with c-sections). This was not my first birth to photograph, but *was* my first set of twins. Thankfully, they aren’t both the same sex, so I will (hopefully) not have trouble telling who is who as I proof these.

The strapping young boy, at 6 pounds, 9 ounces:The dainty girl, at 5 pounds, 6 ounces:

There’s so something so magical and wonderful about watching a man become a father in the blink of an eye.

Sidenote: Check out these totally ha cha cha scrubs! Aren’t we sexy beasts?

Babies are doing well, but were admitted to the NICU this afternoon for some fluid in their lungs. We’re certainly all hoping for a speedy discharge and for Mom to have her two youngest back in her arms very, very soon!

And so, we lose one member of our Sugar team for a few weeks. Debbie swears she’s coming back (no lie, she sent me an email at midnight last night with one last reminder on an order)…and as long as she brings these precious babies so I can get my fill of newborn sweetness, it’s a deal!

Look for their newborn session late next week! I can’t wait to play with these two!



And in case you think that all of this happened effortlessly…I give you a shot of the heart hole puncher I just used to gouge out my own eyeball, in punishment for thinking “Hey..I know what could be a fun Valentine’s craft for two classrooms…”.

And to think…one week ago today I was enjoying one of these:


Mexico rebound…

I am back!

The trip was an absolute blast (I mean, how could it NOT be?), and despite various lessons learned, I am already looking forward to Mexico Mama’s v.2009.

In order of appearance:

1. It’s best to not fill out a customs form after multiple in-flight mimosas. Or you end up with this:
2. When being removed from said group of 19 fellow moms, it’s best to find a way to signal what’s happening. so they don’t automatically assume you’re being searched, probed, and otherwise violated in a back room. (What’s the appropriate signal for “I’m an idiot and can’t read”?).

3. Be prepared for the group cheer that will erupt (in a very non-subtle way) when you reappear with a new (correct!) customs form in hand.

4. iPhones do not like water. Especially toilet water. Particularly toilets in Mexico.

5. I currently do not have a cell phone. Email is best until I a) find a way to dry out my kamikaze iPhone, or b) find an extra $300 to afford a new one.

6. Dirty Monkeys are our friends. Double Dirty Monkeys are *really* good friends.

7. Z-packs are only $25.0o (USD) at any local Pharmacia y Bistro. I’m just sayin’…

7.5. “Dirty Hot Guy” walks through the market every day at 1:30. Wearing just his speedo. ‘Nuff said…

8. Chartered flights can (and will) be late on the return trip.

9. Five extra hours in any airport is more than tolerable with you are without children and in possession of a great book. And drinks. And 19 of your new best girl friends.

10. Your husband will think you are a goddess when you make it through customs with three Cohiba cigars from the duty free shop. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

And so…I am back! Sunburned, itchy, and without a cell phone, but relaxed and happy all the same.