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Cupids and Fairies

This wonderful, loving, adorable family has been trying to schedule their session for a while now. Monday was our first attempt, but the rain and the complete lack of light made us look for alternate dates. The problem? We are doing this session for their Valentine’s Day cards…so time was of the essence.

We met for our Urban session after a flurry of emails that finally ended in “it’s sunny, and it’s cold, but let’s give it a try”. And let me tell you, it was *COLD*. So we did our best to cuddle together for warmth (which, incidentally, makes for great pictures) and soldiered through in the face of 40 degree temps with a wind chill that surely rivaled that of Alaska. Laughter and tickle games worked their magic, and the kids were absolute angels (or cupids?) for us!

Baby Rebecca was not thrilled with us, but I could just eat her up with a spoon. Love her soulful brown eyes!

Towards the end we knew we were done because of this…sweet baby girl had had enough.

But that was okay, because we have some *fabulous* family images filled with love and happiness. Cupid knew what she was doing, years ago, when she pointed her arrow at those two lovebugs…

This post is a day late because I came home to BIG! NEWS! Our 5 year old, Sam, lost her first tooth! This was cause for celebration, while I silently mourned a teeny baby tooth that I remember poking through about 4.5 years ago. I’m happy to report that the Tooth Fairy worked her magic last night, and one shiny gold dollar coin was found under her pillow this morning (as was reported at about 4 am).


Holden is here!

Today I trekked out to the boonies of North-East-ish Texas to meet sweet Holden and his oh-so-cool parents. It was a gorgeous drive, with lots of back country roads, small towns, and abandoned houses. I had hoped to stop on the way back and photograph a few of the sights, but then got the call that my most recent framing order was ready to pick up, so I boogied back to Dallas.

Next time…

Until then-14 day old Holden was an absolute doll today. We put him through a real workout, and you *know* you have a good baby on your hands when he lets you do cuh-razy things like this:

Yes, Daddy is going to be someone’s hero real soon. In fact, my daughter was standing at my elbow (begging for dinner, bad mommy) as I was quickly editing these, and she said “Is he a WEAL fireman?”. She was impressed that I got to meet the “weal” deal.

Yep, I’m cool like that. I hang with the big guys. (I was impressed too, and oh so worried that his helmet would be “baptized”. Holden did a great job of holding it (no pun intended), and we finished up with one sleepy little guy.


Sugar for me, sugar for you…

Big thanks and a sweet hug go out to Hopper’s mom from last week’s belly session. She sent these the day before and they were MMMMMMMmmmm good! I wish I had a photo of my kids’ faces when I opened the box and let them take their pick. It was almost as cute as my husband’s face when HE saw the big box of cupcakes.

Yes, I am a rockstar in my own home.

This weather has really thrown us for a loop! Monday’s outdoor urban session was postponed to Thursday (we hope!). Tomorrow is yet another precious newborn-check back for sneaks from his session!


When life hands you a rainy forecast…


Hopper is set to be a big brother in a matter of months. Wednesday was to be the much-anticipated maternity session for his cutie-pie mommy, daddy and the usual star of the shower, Hopper, as himself. But Wednesday’s forecast looks dreary.

What to do?

The purchase of a badly-needed flash was mentioned, but artsy mommy-to-be is a natural light lover, not unlike myself, and we decided to move a few things around and fit them in a day early to make sure we had the light we needed for the session of her dreams.

Combine natural light with a cute family and a mommy with a killer bod…and what do you get?


Katherine and her sisters…

Margaret, Sarah and Caroline were absolute dreams to work with at their newborn sister’s session yesterday. It’s such fun to work with lots of siblings…they are usually more cooperative than singletons!

Baby Katherine was having a bit of a rough morning, but we did manage to capture her sleeping (after much trial and error)

and the requisite (but always darling) baby toe shot:

This is my favorite of them all…Princess Katherine, letting us know that we were disturbing her nap time!