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For real this time…

This is the last session of ’07. After today, there are NO MORE.

On the flip side, the kids will be home from school for approximately 2.5 weeks, starting Friday. Lord help me.

We met in the park this morning to celebrate Andrew’s big first birthday. I’ve known Andrew for longer than that…and if you’ve been to our studio you’ve seen his gorgeous pregnant mommy. What a difference a year makes!

Happy Birthday sweet Andrew! Happy first year as a big sister Katy! Happy Christmas to all the grandparents in attendance (there were many!).

I’m saving the grandparent images until later…but for now-a sneak peek of these two babies, who absolutely ended my year on a high note.

It truly doesn’t get better than this:

The LAST image of 2007. LOVE IT!



I haven’t blogged in *forever*…and I hate to say this (because I love blogging deep in my soul, like chocolate and baby smiles and half-caf peppermint mocha (sidenote: should I be concerned that two of my three are chocolate based? Anyway…)) but it has been SO DARN NICE taking a personal bloggy break.

I have two session still to post. But because the images aren’t ready to go I’m feeling too lazy to locate them, watermark them, and upload them. Yawn. Someone hasn’t had her half-caf peppermint mocha yet today. I’m just sayin’.

So, instead, this is a rambling blog entry on this chilly, overcast, winteresque morning. I am wearing fuzzy socks and jammies, and have my little space heater blasting on my toes. Heaven.

We have wrapped up an awesome, amazing, crazy-busy year and it feels SO GOOD to take a breath, spend time with the hubster and those persistent little people in my life that call me “Mom”. And the great dane. Can’t forget her.

The last thing on my to-do list for the year is to put together our Sugar holiday cards. Yep. Will get right on that. As soon as I have that peppermint mocha. These have a high probability of turning into New Years’ Cards…and you’re gonna like them all the same. You hear?

We hear that folks are raving over the cutest cards in Dallas…our clients’! We have sent out no less than 5125 cards, with a few more orders (and reorders-those christmas card lists grow longer each year!) on their way. Craziness. Amazing. THANK YOU!

We are gearing up for ’08! The website will get a slight overhaul, the blog will have a fresh new look, and we are already planning for our spring mini’s!

But first…Sugar cards. Must. Work. On. Cards.

After I run to Starbucks…


A wide range of expression…

Or…not so much.

I *heart* sweet Raleigh. She reminds me so much of my daughter. Smiles are not given freely, and most things are fascinating…resulting in a contemplative look that shows her old soul. And if you’ve been to our studio, you know how much we love those contemplative looks over cheesy smiles (after all, the biggest photo in the room is of this little beauty…not a smile in sight!).

Raleigh was a doll this morning, and I’m sad that her Mommy was feeling so under the weather. But we had fun, and it was the perfect end to a fabulous year.

(I have no idea why the borders on these are so large-my web resize action is acting funky…yikes! But you can still click on the images to view them a little larger.)

What a great way to wrap up our 2007 season, as this is our last client session of the year! We have a fun family to play with this weekend (it only took us THREE tries last year to get the ONE shot for their Christmas Card…I’m a wee bit nervous. Wish us (all) luck!)



Ethan Edward, little brother to Alex…my last sweet newborn of 2007!

I love how Alex is looking at Ethan in this very first image from our session (literally, the first click of my shutter)…Curious? Or a hint of trepidation?

For those lucky enough to receive one of the Christmas Cards/Birth Announcements-this will grace the back. The boys’ sweet mom gave me free reign in designing their card (which could stem from the fact that she thinks I’m a design genius. Or the fact that she is slowly recovering from her c-section. Who knows…) Either way-*LOVE* the laughter and happiness in this moment. And the tones…earth tones make me swoon.

Call me crazy…but I *think* he might be a thumb sucker.

How we ended our session…many nursing sessions, two poops, and one “Are we done yet?” big brother couldn’t put him to sleep. But he was no match for the Miracle Blanket? Ahhhhh…bliss.