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Christopher and Michael…

First-a quick apology to Christopher and Michael’s parents. I’m really sorry. You guys are in serious trouble. This session? We rocked it.

I’m pretty sure you may get sick of all the snuggling photos. There are so many. The love? It just shines.

I hope you guys like sweetness and love and cuddles and brothers who adore one another. ‘Cause that’s exactly what we ended up with yesterday…a session chock full of it!

And bubbles…we also had a session with BUBBLES! Sweet Christopher earned every minute of fun that he had with these at the end.


What a way to start the week!

I ask you…what could be better than this cuddly little guy on a Monday morning?

Jackson is now one! We had his one year session in his new home this morning, and worked hard to keep him entertained. All he wanted to do was walk. While looking down. Or crawl (also while looking down). Creative? Me? Not always…but I can sure be fast!

I think he *might* have also been a bit tired…what do you think?


In case you think that things here in Sugar-Ville are always picture perfect…

Let me tell you a little story about Saturday’s mini sessions (I’m feeling verbose tonight-you’ve been warned). We’ve held holiday mini sessions for a few years now, and they’ve always gone off without a hitch. Perfect. In every. single. way.

Except Saturday.

To start…Maggie was set for our 8:00 slot. She was actually scheduled for a full-on session, so we set aside an hour and a half in order to photograph her. Except then she got sick. And steroids made her worse. And I went to bed early the night before and missed the phone calls and emails letting me know that 8:00 wasn’t happening.

(which I didn’t get until after waking with the alarm and showering/dressing/FIXING MY HAIR! (this is huge, people…if the blow dryer and flatiron come out, you know I mean business!).

So I looked cute and worked on a few sessions while waiting for time to pass so I could head to the park for Debbie’s family session.

I was there right on time. I forgot my cell (which I *never* do. Never. It was the second sign that I should have stayed in bed).

At exactly 9:02 I saw a minivan that I thought looked just like Debbie’s pass right by me and drive the wrong way up a one way street. Which clients do all the time…and is usually not an issue. Except today (cue scary music).

They were pulled over. Then three more police cars arrived because Debbie’s husband apparently used to live in Ohio and has an expired license. Except he has always lived in Texas…do you see where this is going?

All this was going on behind the trees, so I couldn’t see a thing. 9:10. 9:20. 9:25…where the heck are they? I’d call, but that would require a cell phone.

A minor detail…

They pull up at 9:30, slightly stressed and harried, and right on time for the NEXT session to start. But it was fine, because my 9:30 was nowhere to be found.

So we thought we’d start and see what we got before the next session arrived. A little nugget of information you might find interesting…Deb’s son Ben is a little sensitive. He was raring to go at 9:00. But after half an hour of interrogation by the police, he was ready to go back home and get far, far away from me and my camera.

Which is why I have lots of this face:

Can’t you feel the joy?

(psssst! See Deb’s little belly up there? Sugar is about to grow by two more feet (neither of which are going to be mine!). Twins! Be extra nice to her when you come in for your ordering session…I’m just sayin’ )

Of course, Deb’s little girl, Hannah, was completely into her session. Shy? Hannah? Never!

So…back to my story. We ‘finish’ Deb’s session (And by finish, I mean that Deb’s head was about to spin around with all the negotiating she was doing to get Ben to cooperate. And by cooperate, I mean look at the camera.).

Clue 3 that I should have stayed in bed.

So we finish the session, and my sweet 9:30 session arrives at 10:00 (the mapquest link we gave them was to a different park, that I never shoot at, so I have NO idea how that happened).

That would be Clue 5.

Of course, they tried to CALL…

They arrive at 10. And guess who’s right on time? Yup, my 10:00! Who came all the way from Tyler!

Thankfully, they were super sweet, and agreed to give us 20 minutes to do Hopper’s session. Which was really 10 minutes more than we needed…he was such a beaming, happy little guy, right of the bat.

Pretty sure I could eat him up.

And his mommy? Pregnant as well. It’s in the water! (and you can keep that stuff to yourselves!)

Our oh-so-patient 10:00 session began at 10:20, and it was the perfect way to end such a crazy morning. Brittany and I started discussing her outfit, and when she said (with a big, dramatic sigh) “FINALLY! Someone that understands fashion!” I knew we were going to have a good time.

Little brother Dillon was not as pesky as Brittany said he would be. He was actually completely cute, a ton of fun, and easy to work with. He also had some ideas on how to take a “cool” photograph. Case in point:

And so-my crazy morning ended with these two little lovebugs. Fashion savvy sister and ‘cool’ but ‘pesky’ little brother. Who could ask for more?

Don’t worry-this isn’t the last you’ll see of photophobic Ben. We’re going to try this again (maybe without the police escort), and I know we’ll have a completely different experience.

I hope.

If not, I’m moving to Ohio.


Sweetness, 2007 v.2

Are you ready for a little Sugar?

Today was our last day of Holiday Mini’s, and we went out with a bang! More gorgeous kids, more fun grown-ups, and a decidedly crisp fall morning resulted in a simply fabulous day of sessions.

Alex + Everett

This is year three for this special family…they swear that next year they are going to spring for a full-on session to celebrate our fourth anniversary together. They have since become friends, and we’ve apparently spent enough time together that we’ve hit a whole new level in our relationship. The kids were telling *me* how I should photograph them (see below for Everett’s Posing 101).

My persuasive skills won out, however, and Alex and Everett had a few, rare moments of brotherly love.

Followed by some “Hey, guys…why don’t you tackle Dad!” (You’re welcome!). Mom and I managed to stay out of the way, and the guys had some man-time together ;)

Lyla + Gannon

Lyla and Gannon also fell victim to my “Love your sibling” approach this morning (fueled by an early morning tiff between my two? Who knows…). Of course-it wasn’t hard to talk them into loving on one another.

They were stylin’ in their rainboots and tutu/camo combo! (Thanks Mindy!)

Hudson + Sadie

Hudson and Sadie were up next, and Hudson was quite the dapper young man in his sport coat and t-shirt. (I *heart* his eyes)

Sadie definitely inherited her brother’s to-die-for lashes!

More sibling lovin’

Olivia + John Stephen

Olivia and John Stephen were so festive in their red plaid. John Stephen has grown since I first met this dynamic duo (back in April at their bud’s first birthday party), and Olivia now sports the cutest pair of pink, diamond studded glasses that I’ve ever seen.

(I know, admit it…you want a pair too)

Their family was so full of warmth and laughter on this chilly morning.

We even added a little leaf throwing to the mix!

I absolutely LOVE the email that I received this evening as I’m uploading these photos to the blog. Olivia and John Stephen’s mommy wrote

I just had to send you a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU for making our session so enjoyable this morning. After we left the session, Steve called to tell me how much he was dreading getting our pictures taken and how overwhelmed and impressed he was with how awesome you were. You made our morning so easy and fun. We are so excited to see the pictures. You are really an amazing photographer with a true talent for capturing the moment. Thank you for shooting our family. We will never use another photographer again. Thank you for making our Christmas card memorable in more ways than one. “

(thanks you guys! I am so lucky to have such wonderful families! XOXO)

Mia + Lily

Mia and Lily were up last, but certainly not least. I’m not sure I’ve met a faster 18 month old…but she wasn’t too fast for me! ;)

Lily is five. She’s in Kindergarten this year. She’s going to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. And I’m pretty sure she manages to hold her own against that active little sister of hers.

And now we enter the no-man’s-land of holiday proofing. I have (count ‘em) 18 sessions to edit (Not including the mini’s that are happening tomorrow morning!) and 16 coffee table books to design.

If you see me in the halls at school, or stumbling through the grocery store looking lost, confused, and homeless…don’t fear! It’s just that special time of year that we photographers like to call “the season”.

And yes, bribes donations of Starbucks, Dr. Pepper, and chocolate are always welcome!


Jo Jo’s Circus

Olivia is a big sister! I’ve watched her grow throughout her first year of life, then her second birthday, and now the big moment has arrived…Jo Jo is here!

No, his name isn’t really Jo Jo, but don’t tell Olivia that! Ian and his big sister are spaced the exact same as my two at two years and one month…to the *day*. When I saw the email announcing that Jo Jo was safely here and was a BOY-I wrote back telling them “Welcome to my life!”.

Big sister+Little Brother+Two Years= a little guy that will recognize all of the major Disney princesses by age 2 (and how to dress like them), how to duck and scream in order to keep his toys (which we call the main defense mechanism), how best to wear a hair bow, and I can guarantee he’ll be a fervent lover of Thomas and The Wiggles by 2.5 (but not above playing with Thomas *and* My Little Ponies…all at the same time).

And Olivia? She’ll have her own cheering section and a fan for life!

Jo Jo (I mean Ian!) is guaranteed to be a little man with many sides…and he’s the perfect addition to this fun, silly, playful, loving family of three (I mean four!)