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Babe in the City…

Truly, I can’t think of anything as flattering as being asked to photograph a fellow photographer. She is someone who’s style, work, and ethic inspires and motivates me, and it was a privilege to work with this sweet family today. She’s expecting a sweet baby girl in November, and we had her maternity session in Deep Ellum this morning…funky, bright, eclectic…just like Diana!


Birthday wishes to my little five year old! I hope this next year is as magical as your outlook on life!


There’s an aunt in the house!

Sorry I’ve been MIA! My little sister had her baby on Wednesday, and I was lucky enough to be at her side when my sweet nephew was born. She had the natural, unmedicated birth she wanted, and her midwife and assistants were amazing!

Caleb Taylor is perfect in every way, and at a mere 9 pounds, 6 ounces…is quite the armful!

I did learn one thing-it’s impossible to photograph a birth AND support a laboring mom. So I only have a few shots to share, and all are from after his arrival. I’ll be traveling back to Houston tomorrow for his formal newborn session, and will be back Monday.

Look for a week of posts, as I have a session every day this week (and two on some days!). Let the holiday craziness begin!

Special thanks to the families that were so understanding last week with the last minute rescheduling so I could attend the birth. I am so lucky to have such fabulous clients such as you guys!


What did I say?

I’m uploading new slideshows, taking down old ones, playing around with my new toy (happy 7th anniversary to my dear hubby! you are the best!), and just keeping myself busy while the load in the washing machine finishes so I have clean clothes to wear to pilates tomorrow morning…(you know, normal life). And just happened to check my stats.

Are you kidding me? 1300 hits TODAY?

You guys are the best! I don’t know how you heard about Sugar, but love that 1300 of you decided to check us out today!

And now I feel wholly inadequate and intimidated when it comes to entertaining that many people.








(so now what do I say?)

Are ankle boots really going to be a ‘must have’ this Fall?


Shopping Alert!

The amazing Mindy scoured the internet and FOUND that little dress from Catherine’s session on Friday…I just ordered one for my Sam to wear to her fifth birthday party (I love it that much).

While browsing the online catalog I keep finding myself thinking “OOOhhhhh-THIS is perfect for photos…so is THIS! And THIS! Must have THIS!” (seriously-I could go on and on) (all while adding to my shopping cart…my husband is going to be *so* happy when he gets this bill! LOL)

So wanted to give you guys a little help when it comes time to shop for clothes for your upcoming session!

Of course-our clients receive a list of clothing boutiques (both local and online) as well as suggestions for what to wear to match the location that we’ll be working at…but for everyone else…these things are too cute to keep a secret!


Catherine and the pretty dress…

This morning we had Catherine’s two-almost-two-and-a-half year old session (which was completely my fault, as they’ve been calling for a session for months and it’s taken forever to find a spot to fit her in).

It was so wonderful to see her again (we had her 1 year session last May), and we had a fun time chasing bugs, discovering frogs (which are numerous-FYI…I hope I didn’t step on any!), and watching her twirl in her gorgeous dress.

I asked where her mom found this, and promptly forgot once she told me (it was a catalog, that much a remember)….so yoo hoo, Catherine’s Mom, can you remind me where you found this adorable little gem? It is *perfect* for photos! (ps-I promise to share the source here).

(ignore the mosquito on her forehead…we were all little buffet breakfasts out there this morning, as this photo can prove)


Holiday Mini’s are almost sold out! We have two spots left, and are considering adding a third date to accommodate all of those who have requested information (or are still mulling over the idea) but haven’t booked yet. It is our goal to not have to send as many families away this year as we did last. A quick thank you to one wonderful client who shopped around a bit before settling on the photographer that best fit her needs (yes, us…hooray!). Her letter really made my day:

“Jennifer, as you know, I’ve spent some time requesting information from numerous local photographers, wanting to find the best ‘deal’ on our holiday pricing. I found one in particular that offered the exact same package as you are offering, but for $100 less. However, I just wasn’t feeling ‘at peace’ with booking that person, and so have decided to go with you. Who can put a price on the incredible emotions that you always seem to capture so perfectly? I told my husband “It’s worth the extra money to know that we are working with the best” (he agreed wholeheartedly after looking at your website). And so, enclosed is the check for our holiday session with Sugar Photography, and we look forward to meeting you in person at our session date.”

Tara-thank you for your note! I look forward to meeting you in person as well! :)