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It’s just around the corner!

We are booking holiday sessions starting…NOW!

Our much anticipated annual Holiday Mini Sessions are now open for business!

This year we are thrilled to announce that we found a very talented local artist and commissioned a series of cards just for our clients. These are truly one-of-a-kind, and her cards are festive and modern…such a sweet combination!

Know that we are FULLY BOOKED through the rest of 2007, and are only booking mini sessions for the remainder of this year. We will resume booking full-on family sessions in March of 2008.

“Tell me more about these Mini Sessions.”

WHO? For you, your kids, your family! (up to four subjects). We request $50 for each additional participant.

WHEN? Our holiday sessions will take place on the following dates, and additional dates may be scheduled according to demand. We are going to try very hard to fit everyone in and minimize the families we have to turn away (as we’ve had to do in years past).

Friday, October 19
Friday, October 26

WHERE? Our Holiday Mini Sessions are 20 minute sessions that will take place at a lush, local park. Time slots are scheduled every 30 minutes, beginning at 8:30. Space is *very* limited, so book early as these fill quickly every year.

HOW? Contact Mindy by either email ( or phone (214.315.9459). Once your session fee is paid you’ll receive more information on our Mini Sessions, including tips on dressing your family, directions to the location, and a preview of our Holiday Card Collection.

DETAILS Mini Sessions are $250, and include a pack of 25 holiday cards. Additional packages of cards are available for either $75 or $90, depending on the type of card. All cards are 5×7 and are designed on one side (they do not fold). We will provide samples of the various card stocks and upgrades available at your mini session. Proofing and ordering will be done online, though if you prefer an in-person ordering session we are happy to do so (and encourage it)!

Please note-there is a $500 minimum PRINT order with each mini session. Over the past few years our clients have thanked us a million times over for helping them shorten their gift giving list. Hint: Grandparents love nothing more than a gorgeous photo of their precious grandchildren.


Orders will require 2-3 weeks to process, and orders placed by November 3 will be available for pick-up on December 3.

Orders placed between November 12 and November 17 will have a 50% rush fee to ensure they are available by December 15.

Orders placed between November 18 and December 1 will have a 100% rush fee added to ensure they are available by December 23.

We will not process orders placed after December 1 until January of 2008, and our studio will be scheduling a limited number of sessions in January and February (as we down our egg nog and recoup from our awesome, crazy, amazing 2007).

More babies on the way…

Today’s two sessions were reminiscent of yesterday’s. Prior baby planners that are soon to join the ranks of big brother/sisterhood. It’s a big job, but somebody has to do it!

Olivia turns 2 tomorrow! and in 31 days her baby will arrive…will it be a brother or a sister? We’ll know in October! Miss Thang was such fun today, and I think the reason her Mommy looks so fabulous is that she has this little monkey to keep her active!

All four grandparents were present and accounted for, and one very special grandfather is battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, so it was especially important that we captured the two of them sharing a moment.

Afterwards it was off to drive all of four blocks to see Mr. Jensen and meet his soon-to-be little brother, Hudson. Hudson…Jensen…Hudson….Jensen…Henson…Judsen….do you see my problem? The little guy isn’t here yet and I’m already messing up his name!

Jensen was having a rough morning, but through our quick thinking (FYI: tucking a teenage mutant ninja turtle in Mom’s tube top WILL get him close enough for a few quick shots) we were able to capture a few smiles before he lost interest in me and my camera completely.

Remember our motto? It’s not over until somebody cries…Jensen kept putting my lens cap back on my camera. Coincidence? I think not.


Round 2….

Our crop of second babies is well on it’s way, and emails arrive daily with news of siblings coming soon to join current or past baby planners. Caroline’s little brother, Matthew (due in November), is already signed up for his year of sessions. Little guy has a lot to live up to, as Caroline was one of my first baby planners (actually, she was the reason we even instigated the baby plan!). Her coffee table book is one of the well loved samples that we pull to show families “THIS is what our goal is for this year…a year full of memories.”

I am looking forward to another year with this wonderful family!

Caroline was just 1 the last time I saw her…she is 2.5 now! She was solemn and silent when I arrived, and I asked “Is she talking?”. Little did I know, she started and chattered nonstop until we were finished. I loved hearing her raspy little voice!


Paradise found…

My sweet husband is soooo on Cloud 9. I mean, he swept his wife away for a weekend. He arrange childcare. He cleared my calendar. He even took me shopping the night before so I could hit a few sale racks and stock up on summer-wear. And then…he found paradise. In Florida. He’s got at least ten open-mouth-insert-foot freebies coming his way.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Little Palm Island was so many things. Stunning. Private. And tasty! The food was incredible, and the wildlife thrilling. We were amazed by the wild Key Deer that swim to the island, and enjoyed watching manatee float past our bungalow.

After a long day flying home (that started at 4:30!) and enjoying the kids, I’m heading to bed and will tackle my to-do list tomorrow. Look for our Holiday Mini Session information to be publicized this week. We’ve updated our print prices and will post details (they will go into effect for sessions booked *after* September 1…our current pricelist will be honored for sessions booked up until this date). We’re ready to debut our Holiday card designs-they are truly one-of-a-kind!

(I only had my little point and shoot this weekend, so these aren’t the best quality)



I’m catching an early flight tomorrow with my husband by my side. Don’t know where. Found out about the trip just a few days ago (which thankfully gave me enough time to crank out a few slideshows before disappearing for a few days…though I *still* didn’t get it all done! Will I ever? That’s a question only a fortune cookie can answer). Yes, it’s a hard knock life.

Mindy and Debbie are here, holding down the fort while I do my best to enjoy my time away from the kids, the computer, and the Dallas heat. It’ll be tough…but I’ll do my best. ;)

And a huge public thank you goes out to these ladies for helping the hubster pull this off! And for covering for me while I’m gone. And for the reminder that photography is not a matter of life and death…”have fun! enjoy!”.

I will!

If you need *anything*-contact the girls!

For information packets, to schedule a session, or for help with styling for your session-Talk to Mindy (

For ordering appointments, questions about prints, etc-Debbie is your gal! (

For those waiting for coffee table books (Clara, Dante/Savana/Rio! I see your mommy and daddy reading this!)-I WILL get these finished next week.

Also-for those missing their ordering galleries. You have not been forgotten. We’ll clear this up asapnw! (asap-next week)

Because…did I mention it yet? SCHOOL STARTS WEDNESDAY!!!

On that note…I’m off to pack (hey, it’s only midnight and my alarm is set for 5…who needs sleep, right?) and dream of reading a book. on the airplane. (I vaguely remember those days…).