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Rainy + weekend = NAPS!

Who’s with me?

For a little rainy day entertainment-take a look at these. What fun! (make sure you click the arrow pointing to the right to see more)

Enjoy your three day weekend folks!


All good things…

must come to an end. Sadly, today was the short and sweet end to a lovely week at the spa. I zipped back over for a quick session with Atlanta-based Hill and the adoring women in his family (Mom, Grandma and Aunt).

One last parting shot of this little cutie, and it was out the door and back home again for me.

The spa did a fabulous job of taking care of these special moms, grandmas, aunts, nannies and babies this week, and it was my absolute pleasure to document their stay!


Black and Whites…

Today I’m in a black and white sort of mood…the colors at the spa are gorgeous (bright blue pool, sage green couches, white marble floors) but after two days worth of color, I’m in the mood for something a little different.

Today we had a session while at the spa with cousins Jackson and Chris. Just two months apart in age, they live on different coasts. So their mommies (and their Nana) took this week as an opportunity to reconnect.

Meanwhile, classes continued today as scheduled.

Baby and Me swim class had the babies submerging today (and coming up smiling-they were adorable!):

The ever-important Baby and Me yoga, in which the mobile ones took over the class, slipping and sliding with the tangerine oil covering their naked little bodies while the nonmobile ones just soaked up the attention:

A quick stop again in the morning, and it’s back to normal around here! I’ll be glad to have my old routine back…and with some new appointments coming up for Ben it’ll be good to have that commute out of my hair!

He’s doing great, and I honestly think that if we didn’t have to change his dressing we’d never know he was hurt. Kids truly are resilient little creatures!


Another relaxing day in paradise!

Today started at the spa with a ‘baby and me’ music class, courtesy of Music Together (and Miss Dana-who taught the classes I took with my two little ones a few years ago).

Let me tell you…it may have been two years since I sat through a Music Together class, but I still know all the words! (scary!)

Then, an interesting lunch with the art director from Similac who flew in from Chicago to supervise our shoot today. She brought the ‘look book’ (for lack of a better phrase) and we were both so thrilled to see that my style is just what the company is looking for in it’s images!

Afterwards I had the chance to play with Miss Brooke and her gorgeous mommy (the grand prize winner of the contest Similac held for a week at the spa) and we really had an amazing time!

Afterwards it was Baby and Me swim time, and lots of splashing and chewing of rubber duckies ensued!

It’s back to the spa (I mean, grind) tomorrow-so check back for more pictures of gorgeous kiddos!


What a day!

First-I had an amazing first day at The Greenhouse Spa’s Baby and Me week (where was this event when my babies were little?). Moms and babies flew in from all over the US (not a one is from Texas-go figure!) and while the Moms enjoy a little r&r the babies have fun as well. Each has his (or her) own nanny in attendance, and I witnessed LOTS of love and cuddles…I’m sure there were be a few tears on Thursday when the Nannies say goodbye to their precious charges.

We’ll be there for three more days, following the adventures of these little ones…so check back!

Second-thank you ALL for your prayers, well wishes, phone calls and wonderful emails. They all mean to the world to me! My little guy is doing GREAT, and I am becoming quite the dressing changer (which is something I could easily have lived the rest of my life NOT knowing how to do…but I digress). Ben was referred to the burn unit at a local hospital, and we’re just waiting for the call to let us know when our appointment time is scheduled for (which tells me that it’s NOT time sensitive, and so I do a little snoopy dance every time the phone does NOT ring). The dr. that peeked at it today said it looks great, and to keep doing what we’re doing.

Also great news!

And so, this week is starting off with a bang! I get to look forward to three more days of gorgeous babies and their moms at a stunning location (with amazing natural light), followed by my four year old’s first ballet recital, and the great news that my precious Ben is doing really well and starting to heal.