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Can I have three cheers for anyone that’s ever moved with kids?

Seriously. Our last move was a breeze (for me). I was six months pregnant at the time, and the day of the move just happened to be the same day as our first birthing class. So I said “Toodles!” and waddled off to class. When I came home, it was to the new house.

The next day I headed off to work, and by the time I came home the bulk of the unpacking was finished (I love my OCD husband at times like this). Yes, it was hand-to-the-forehead rough (or…notsomuch).

However…fast forward five years and there was no class to escape to. No work place to head off to. And no pregnancy to point to and whine about how tired I was.

It was me. My husband. Two kids. And a you-know-what load of boxes.

We did it! We survived! My hubby and I aren’t currently speaking to each other, but besides that, we’re completely thrilled with our new digs.

And my new digs are Sugar’s new digs!

Which means that soon we’ll have our fancy new ordering room all set up and ready to go. Attached to that is my office (have I mentioned that I no longer have to share an office with my self employed wine broker of a husband? he is also a BIG fan of perfectly centered photographs with no tilting, artistic touches or fun expressions. Editing with his input has been an adventure, but he’s given his last bit of constructive criticism and the room is mine! All mine!), and we’ll have an official framing corner this time around as well!

Big steps for little Sugar!

They tell me I’ll have internet access in my little office sometime this weekend (for the record, it was supposed to have been last Monday…but who’s counting?). Once that’s up and running, I’ll be right back in the swing of things!

Thanks all for your endless patience as we’ve transitioned to big-time land (not just in location, but we’ve got some big stuff in the works).

Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas’ NICU ad campaign:
Did anyone catch the Dallas Morning News ad on Sunday? Or Thursday? It ran Sunday (4/15) and then 4/22, 4/26/ and 5/6 ( it will only be in the Central and East editions). It will also appear in the Park Cities News – 4/12, Dallas Child Health Issue – September and People Newspapers – 10/25 – Audrey is a star! Her billboard goes up in June, and her radio ad should already be running (Not that I had anything to do with her radio ad-but it is absolutely precious!)

Baby and Me – Greenhouse Spa
(May 20-May 24th) We are thrilled to have been invited to photograph this event! Moms and babies will receive private photography sessions while at the spa, and a special session has been set up with the winner of the Similac drawing-images from this event will be appearing in Parenting Magazine!

Don’t forget to vote!


Hayden has the coolest parents…

Today we had Hayden’s third session in his baby plan and decided to do something a little more funky – an urban session! I have a lot of little girl sessions in these types of settings, but not many boys. Which is funny, because HOW CUTE are his little jeans and trendy shirt?

My new favorite store (DANGER!!! DANGER!!!) is PLAY, and Hayden was decked out, head-to-toe in his cool new clothes. His Mom and Dad agree that the clothing is amazing, totally cool, and the sheer number of “OMG-I *must* have this” items will make your head spin. And no, I sadly don’t get any kickbacks for endorsing them…I just LOVE their clothes for my own two munchkins.

After a while we started picking up rocks, then sticks…then throwing them. Hey, whatever gets you to look at me and my camera works for me!

I love this little behind the scenes shot. I have an awesome one of Hayden standing in the window…but this one is so blog-worthy, with Hayden’s expression as Dad helps him stand securely. (you have to click on it to really get the full effect)


Sloan vs. Nature

Sloan (aka: the hat baby) is sitting straight and tall, so yesterday we had her park session to celebrate her newest milestone! She was at the perfect stage…she can sit confidently but isn’t yet crawling, so we were able to have a ball with her and really enjoyed yesterday’s gorgeous weather (which shouldn’t be confused with today’s weather…I hear rain falling as I type this).

The “vs. Nature” part happened when she showed us that just because she can’t yet crawl doesn’t meant she can’t reach for that leaf/pebble/dirt clod and eat it when we’re not looking. I called her “Go-Go Gadget Arms” at the end of her session and it turns out…that’s her nickname!

I almost died when I saw her Little Miss Muffet hat. Don’t you want to eat her up?

Sloan has a definite personality! She, like most babies this age, had a real fascination for that big black box that kept poppping up in front of my face. I have lots of the serious, open mouthed, half-frown concentration look…and then one of these that just makes me laugh out loud:

She only smiled for Mommy…and Mommy had to stand right behind me and do a little march while singing a little song. Let’s just say that Sloan’s mommy is a good sport!

Don’t forget to vote! I’m completely shocked that we’re still hanging out on the first page. There are some amazingly talented photographers whose work I find so inspiring that are at the top of the first page (where they belong!)…but down at the bottom…there’s Sugar! Go figure!
Vacation alert! (well, more like a working vacation)

We’re moving! My dear, sweet hubby agreed to “just look” at this completely amazing, perfect house that I found (no laughing) on the internet in early March…and we knew the minute we walked in that we were sunk. It’s been an emotionally draining few weeks… with the purchase of the home of our dreams (well, close…it’s missing 15 acres and a barn. but I’m not about to complain), and the sale of our dear little home that we’ve loved and renovated and will miss like crazy.

As a result, we’ll be closed. That means no email, no phone, no sessions and no print deliveries from Saturday April 21-Monday April 30. However, Ruthann will be my go-to person, so if you need anything during that time know that you are welcome to call or drop her an email, and she’ll take care of you until I am back online.

Wish us luck as we attempt the impossible…a move with two at-home businesses, two dogs, two cats, and don’t forget-TWO KIDS! Moving was so much easier five years ago when we were pregnant and romantic and didn’t yet know what the term sleep deprivation really meant.


Big brother, little sister…

Thursday was my day to play with Hudson and Sadie.

Well, Sadie did a lot of staring and eating (and more than a little pee-pee’ing (all that milk had to come out at some point!))…she was a very alert five week old!

With a brother around as cool as Hudson, I’m not surprised! I wouldn’t want to miss the next cool thing he might think up…

Like jumping off his bunk bed!

(Do you know that his parents let us do this more than once without coming in to find out where those gigantic thuds echoing through their house were coming from? Now that is trust people!…I hope they aren’t afraid to have me back for Sadie’s six month session in a few months!) ;)


Darn, darn, darn it all!

Brandon didn’t get the liver last night after all. So the emotional rollercoaster slows, only to pick up speed when the next call comes in.

Brandon and family-you guys are simply amazing!