Monthly Archives: March 2007

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Samuel can sit!

Sam has gotten so big! It seems like just yesterday we had his newborn session, and today we had fun capturing his growing personality (and quick little body). The “sitting confidently” stage is my favorite age to photograph…they can’t escape! Except this guy…he can roll with the best of them!

He’s also at that great age when every. little. thing. finds it’s way into his mouth.

Poor Mom didn’t stand a chance:

Neither did his foot:

And just to show how busy he was:

Don’t you just love his little embroidered boxers!? I think I’ve found the perfect solution for baby boys in need of diaper covers (because they are so easy to find for girls, but take almost an act of Congress when it comes to boys).

Ivy Lane Gifts is owned by a Dallas mom (and prior baby plan client)-and I loved when Sam’s mom whipped out his pair of embroidered boxers for the session. Perfection!


Zachary + Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a big sister! Baby Zachary is eight weeks old, and today was his day to shine. Elizabeth was a tad reluctant at first (a complete 180 from her last session…which is still my personal record for the easiest toddler session of all time)…but she came around. With her mischievous grin, sparkling eyes, and quick movements-I had to be fast! She was such a little monkey today:

Sweet Zachary has hair unlike anything I’ve seen…I probably repeated myself twenty times today…”I just love his hair!”. Can’t you see him in a few months, denim jacket, funky onesie…hair to die for? One thing’s for sure-he has his sister’s gorgeous eyes!

And like any mellow, laid back, happy little brother…once he’d had enough, he let us know!


Billboards, baby!

Try not to drive off the highway when you see this cutie on billboards come June.

Look for the ad featuring this killer duo on Friday, April 6th in the Dallas Morning News.

And I don’t want to hear about you guys stalking buses that drive by sporting her little face either.

(because I’ll be the one following the bus around town and driving erratically as the billboards come into view, shaking my head in disbelief that I was asked (read: honored) to play a small part in sharing Audrey’s story in such a big way).

And just to show how hard we all worked this morning to make this happen (no one more than Audrey’s mom):

Let me also give a shout out to the retouchers that will surely moan and groan when they see the straight out of the camera images…I apologize in advance for the Titanic-sized dust specks that are apparently lurking inside of my camera. Shooting on white (something I never do) is like wearing white…everything shows! ;)



is going to be a big brother!

His parents wanted to make sure we captured this precious time…while he’s still the man in charge and before his little brother arrives.


Hop, Hop, Hopping along…

I love spring! Hot pink azaleas are blooming in my front yard, apple trees are bursting with white blossoms, and the weather is just perfect. It’s just right for photographs, though these don’t always need to take place outdoors!

Hopper and I had the chance to play this morning, and despite the overcast day we managed to find the light and take advantage of the bright outfits his mommy picked out for him to wear. Their home is a photographer’s dream, and if the sun had cooperated I might have spent all day…just taking advantage of all the little well decorated nooks and crannies.

Oh wait, I forgot…Hopper kicked me out about an hour and a half into our session. But what fun we had together!