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To start, can I just say right here, right now, that I hate my web-based email server?

For three days I’ve been in the 1-2% that has experienced “email delays”. No delays on my part, just the basic inability to check my emails.

I can see them rolling in. I can even read the first four words of each email. I just can’t read the rest, reply, or really do more than wonder what comes after “I’d like to book…”

So if you’re wondering if I a) hate you, b) don’t like you, or c) am lying dead somewhere…the answer is (thankfully) I’m fine, and as soon as .mac gets their program figured out, I’ll be back online and answering massive amounts of emails.

And yes, I’m definitely still alive!


A monkey, a princess, and a camera…

Miss CJ had her 6 month session today (a little late, to make sure she was sitting confidently…always a milestone that works well for photographs).

This is probably my favorite age to work with. They can sit up, they are smiley and quick to engage, and (this is key) they can’t go anywhere yet.

CJ and big brother Aidan were such fun, and after their session I had a chance to gab with their mom about important things such as private vs. public schools, the “stay in Dallas or move North the suburbs” debate, and other important, near and dear to my heart, topics. It was wonderful working with a family that lives about .5 miles from my home…so these topics are high on her list right now as well.

I must say, a big rule was broken today. I try to keep a “no camera” rule at session (besides my own, of course). This can easily become distracting as the kids are unsure of who they should be focusing their attention on. And it’s distracting to me. But there is a certain little photographer that is up and coming, and one to watch in the next, oh, 15 years. I may be in trouble with this little guy living so close to me!

Maybe I should move North!


Let them eat cake…

Can you stand yet another birthday girl? When I say that my baby planners are all growing up, I mean they are all growing up! It seems to go in cycles, and they manage to grow in packs. A slew of sleepy newborns, followed by a gaggle of confident six month olds, followed by a herd of happy-go-lucky one year olds.

Lexi is joining in on the one year old bandwagon, and Friday was her last baby plan session (*sniffle*).

We have, in the course of a year, managed to tackle every kind of session. From the studio session at babystyle (where we first met), to a session at home with the grandparents, which was followed by a park session and then an urban session. On Friday we came full circle and headed back to their house, to enjoy a little dress up, some cake, and a bubble bath.

As always, big sister Sydney participated in our ongoing game of “Where’s Waldo” (in which an arm, a leg, or a hand is always in the frame of her sister’s photograph). But don’t worry, Cinderella-Sydney had a little camera time of her own:

And, really…what tastes better than Elmo cake?

One of those sweet moments that mommies and daddies can’t get enough of:

Happy birthday Princess Lexi!


Will you be mine?

Question: What is more romantic on Valentine’s Day than a wedding? (Okay, so the amazing dinner my sweetie whipped up along with the diet-busting dessert breaks even…but work with me here).

Answer: A wedding!

This is where I need to reiterate my “I don’t do weddings” policy. The engaged couple that was featured a few months ago has asked me to rethink this…but I just don’t. do. weddings.

Except today.

Sunday I received a sweet email from this couple, explaining that their photographer had backed out of their Valentine’s Day wedding…would I be interested and available. We emailed back and forth and discussed pricing, packages, I explained that I don’t do weddings. Then the groom called. I explained this to him. Two days later we met at Starbucks to go over the details (and I explained again….it was still not too late to find someone else…who actually photographs weddings).

And today, I was at their wedding.

I know…pick yourself up off the floor.

Enjoy your little peek into this fairytale wedding…with a little Sugar on top!

(And pssst! It was so fun!)


Another birthday girl

Ellis’ last baby plan session was today.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic with all these babies turning one and leaving the plan. They are moving on to bigger and better things…walking, talking, preschool, college. *sigh* They grow so fast.


Baby Ellis had a busy morning today. We started in her dinosaur jammies (which, obviously, glow in the dark, don’tcha know) and moved to a bubble bath with mommy and then playtime outside.

I think it’s safe to say that when Sugar comes to your house, we can almost guarantee your kids will take a nice long nap after the session is over (and in Ellis’ case…we left behind not only a tired toddler, but one that was also clean and dressed…What a deal!).