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Special Babies

(warning-feel free to skip this post if you are pregnant, a new mommy, or have recently suffered a loss)

No pictures to add tonight, but just a quick link to what I think is the most amazing, generous, and selfless organization that I’ve ever met. Dallas has a fairly solid group of photographers that volunteers with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. Through this organization families that have suffered a loss are paired with a photographer to capture their sweet baby in the way that no hospital snapshot can.

Photographers that volunteer offer their services free of charge, and while we have a great group, there seems to always be a family that we can’t help because the local coordinators are unable to find someone.

The Dallas group is in need of additional volunteers. A get-together has been planned for the last weekend in February, at my home, and anyone interested in joining this organization is invited to attend and learn more about what it is we do. Please contact me for more information.

And to the grieving parents of sweet Joe, lost today at 31 weeks, thank you for allowing me to be present during the longest, hardest hours of your life.


Playing with Goo

No, not a toy.

Greta “the Goo” is one of my sweet baby friends. I was at her birth when her mommy and daddy heard that magical phrase “It’s a girl!” (look in the February issue of DallasChild to see pictures and read the story). She’s now a big girl of six months and her mommy bribed me with Starbucks and the promise of the cutest hat ever made if we could fit her in for a few pictures. In exchange, I had this cutie to play with… how could I resist such a deal?

I played around with the post processing of these (added a little texture-yummy!)…might need to use the apple hat as a gorgeous sample canvas. Look for it the next time you are here viewing your proofs or picking up your order!



Wow. First of all, hold on to your hats. I am working on some really exciting things for 2007 and can’t post about them until we are ready to launch…but wow. I am giddy (yes, I sound like I’m 88).

Speaking of which…since there’s not much to share session-wise (we are back into the swing of things next week) I just had to share this. It’s an absolute scream. I swiped it from Big Mama’s blog (and if you don’t read this daily, you should. Trust me.)

The clip is about 7 minutes long and worth every second. Enjoy.


Rest in Peace

???-January 18, 2007

He had a long, wonderful life and today my dear, sweet husband had to make the difficult decision to let him go (all while I was in the car headed to San Antonio). I post this because so many parents read the blog daily, and I’m hoping for some wisdom in this area.

How do we tell our 4 year old that loyal, patient, old man Wheels is gone?

Right now we are telling her that he is at the vet’s office and is very sick, and once I return home we’ll talk to her about the rest. We have Dog Heaven (knowing this day was coming) and are pulling it back out to read to her. Any other suggestions? Wise words of advice?


Baby, it’s cold outside…

But indoors it’s warm and toasty, just right for a newborn session!

Miguel is just over a week old. I’m proud to say that I was there when he was born, and back again to marvel at how much cuter he’s gotten. I think he even recognized my voice (or maybe just the camera shutter…either way, he looked at me like he knew who I was (that crazy lady with the camera!).

Miguel’s mommy is an expert swaddler…working with a newborn nurse definitely has it’s advantages:

Of course, we stopped here and there for snacktime:

We were wrapping things up when I looked up and saw Big Miguel and Baby Miguel cuddling on the bed. “Don’t move!” I said, and was thrilled to snap this:

Thanks Cara and Miguel for such a fun morning. You are both great sports (let’s just say that ‘baby roulette’ was especially entertaining this morning….ah, the perils of working with a naked newborn!).

We’re working on a new look for the blog…what do you think? I’m still playing with the colors and the banner a little, so don’t be shocked if you pop back over and things are changed yet again. I’m a woman. I’m fickle. It’s my right!

I’ll be out of town Wednesday through Sunday, attending a photographers’ conference in San Antonio (while I’m on the topic-can someone make it stop raining, please? just for a day? an afternoon? a morning? I’d love to be able to work with the models OUTSIDE! I mean, I’m spending five days away from my family…can’t we have some sun?). Okay…just had to vent about that. Hopefully the sun will shine down and I’ll be able to post some awesome images from my five days spent slaving away in a resort. Life is hard!

SO…that being said…I’m working on getting print orders that are ready to go out the door today. If we aren’t able to connect, for whatever reason, I’ll be here all week next week playing catch up and finishing my plans for our amazing new year!

I will be without internet but will have the phone with me, so feel free to call if there’s something that can’t wait, and I’ll return all calls within one business day.

Have a great week/weekend!