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"Thank you!"

The December issue of Dallas Child is actually out NOW, and I picked up an issue at my local Tom Thumb…lo and behold:

Favorite Family Photographer: Jennifer Weintraub of Sugar Photography


I admit that I actually got ‘the call’ about 3 weeks ago, and sent the following email to all of my clients:

Channeling Sally Field

We received a special phone call this morning (not unlike what I assume the Academy Award nominees receive early in the morning)….only much less dramatic. We were voted Dallas’ Favorite Family Photographer! What an honor!

So while I quickly try to pull together a self portrait by noon tomorrow (in which I look rested, thin, tan, and like someone you’d want to let your children play with) I wanted to also tell everyone THANK YOU!

Thank you for letting us into your homes and into your lives. Your children are all gorgeous, brilliant, and talented (truly!) and I have loved every second of the past year. What better way to spend my days than rolling on the ground, jumping in the air, and playing peek-a-boo with sweet kiddos?

So all that to say…(this is where Sally Field comes in)…”You like me! You really like me!” Thank you for the recognition! Thank you for the support and the wonderful families you’ve sent our way!

Thank you for everything!


The write-up in this month’s issue:

Dallas photographer, Jennifer Weintraub of Sugar Photography, has a gift for discovering the artistic in the everyday. Her photographs capture the emotions and relationships between families with a freshness and purity – and instantly become heirlooms. A natural with children, Weintraub combines art and photojournalism to achieve unique and evocative portraits. (Jennifer is also a regular contributing photographer with DallasChild – we discovered her first!)

and my little self-portrait…(did I achieve the thin, well-rested, and like-someone-you’d-let-your-kids-play-with look?)

(don’t answer that)

And to celebrate my new status as Dallas’ favorite family photographer (where is my coffee mug and t-shirt, people? bumper sticker?)…I’m off to bathe two kids and slip them into bed before cleaning the house (such is my glamorous life).

Let’s all hope tomorrow is a snow day…I stocked up on cookie supplies in hopes that we’ll finally get to work on our family holiday card.

C’mon snow!


The art of a personal photographer

I came across this article and thought it perfectly captured what it is we try to achieve in this business of lifestyle photography.



December covers…

Make sure you pick up the December issues of Dallas Child and Fort Worth Child (out on news stands Friday).

December is their ‘best for families’ issue…pick one up so you know where all the coolest, most kid-friendly places in Dallas are hiding!


Miss Maggie

How fast a year flies by!

Maggie’s family is one that is close to my heart, and to many thousands of others across the world that were touched by her older sister’s story. I’ve had the great fortune of photographing this sweet baby girl as she’s grown from a tiny newborn clutching the picture of her older sister:

…to a feisty one year old in Ugg boots, with no time for cuddles or lollygagging around. This world is here to explore! Let’s get to it!

It’s time for (yet another) round of “Color…or black and white?”

You decide…

To Andrew and Jenny…Thank you! I’ve told you before, and I’ll say it again…you gave me free reign with your precious girl and your family, and that has meant so much to me. To have been touched by your story, and then given the chance to give back to you has been such a joy, and even more than that…an honor. Your foundation, Heroes, continues to change lives on a daily basis…and Allie’s spirit shines in everything you do.

This past year was a healing one. The bittersweet emotions in your home last year were palpable at our first session, and I left wiping tears of sadness from my face. To compare that to the lighthearted joy, pure happiness, and pealing laughter from our session last week is to show your family’s great strength.

I am so glad to know you.

Thank you!


Action Jaxson…

Saturday we met at the Arboretum for a little walk down memory lane…Jaxson’s mommy and daddy were married under the gazebo (and I married my sweet husband at the Camp House…so I always love going back there for personal reasons too!).

The key to sessions at the Arboretum is to arrive early, walk fast, and avoid the hordes of other photographers at all cost!

On Saturday I am so happy to say that we definitely accomplished our mission, walking out just as no less than ten other families with their various photographers (and piles of equipment) arrived. Bliss!

Jaxson was a doll…super happy, full of big, easy smiles, and even when he was ‘done’ he was still good for a few more shots.

I love this one, taken at their gazebo…what a difference a few years makes!

The Arboretum is always gorgeous…lush foliage, and this time of year, lots of pumpkins. But for me, the Arboretum is about textures…stones, benches, ironwork, paths, and stairs!