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I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Our kids are exhausted after a long day of Halloween-ey activities and trick-or-treating!

There’s still time to carve a pumpkin if you haven’t already…less messy than the traditional way too!


This morning we had the fourth session of the six planned for a certain grandmother’s christmas card…Afterwards we changed Hailey, Ellie and Addie into their Christmas dresses and played a little more so mom could get her own christmas cards. I’ll save the gorgeous/perfect/any-mother-would-kill-for-this christmas image, but wanted to show just one of these two older sisters…I love the sun shining through their blonde hair.

This afternoon we met with Kayla and Will and had a fun (if not busy) time. Last year Kayla’s little brother Will was so compliant. He sat where we asked him to, he looked right at the camera, and he was so pudgy and angelic and easy! Fast forward a year and we all had a workout while chasing Will around the park (and up the stairs, and over the bridges, and…).

Big sister Kayla was so unbelieveably patient with us (and Will) and I just adore her freckles, red hair and that missing tooth!

And Will…I think this image just captures the very essence of this busy little guy. Mom finally chased him down and just sat in the grass and tickled him, and he laughed and laughed (and then hopped up and ran).

The quote of the day goes to their Mom, who about this time looked up at Dad and said “He’s being your child today!”


Three families…

three sets of cuties!

This morning we started with Ellis and her third session as part of our baby plan. Ellis’ cool mom brought wooden words that read “imagine”, “believe” and “dream”…so of course we had to work them in somehow! I love the rays from the morning sun shining down on her.

Look at these beautiful blue eyes!

Reshoot time! Last week we met at the park for our last day of holiday mini’s, and Xander did great but poor Lilie was not feeling all that hot. We met again this afternoon at the park behind their home and she looked like she was feeling much better! Until, of course, we found out we were working in an area overgrown with poison ivy! That put a quick end to our session, but I’m thrilled with the results and know that all itching aside, it was worth it!

Last but not least…Jeffrey, Gracie and Emma had me over to play for a quick mini session this afternoon. Grandma has big plans for her christmas card this year, and includes all five of her kids and their families, photographed in front of their individual front doors. We are three sessions into this six session project, and so far, so good! The hardest part? Coordinating clothing for six families, consisting of twelve adults and eleven kids, that range in age from 22 to 2 months.


babyDallas cover search TODAY

If you’re in the vicinity of NorthPark Mall between 10 and 4 today, there’s still time to drop by and enter your baby (newborn to 12 months) in the babyDallas cover search!

Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas is also there, sponsoring the New Arrivals Baby Fair…so swing by, enter your little one, and grab some goodies!

Don’t forget to ooh and aah over the fall/winter cover while you’re at it…he was a gorgeous baby! I can’t wait to see who they choose for the spring/summer issue next!



You know those families that you meet that just touch you? Luke was born five months ago, but his due date was supposed to be two months ago (do the math).

Oxygen tanks, surgical scars, reflux wedges…all melted away when in the presence of Luke.

I met a fighter today, and with that amazing smile of his, he is destined to do great things.

Don’t you think? Can’t you see it in his eyes?