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Brooks and Charlie

This morning was our session with Brooks and Charlie…sweet brothers that I had the chance to first work with through the Babystyle promotion we did in March. It was amazing to see how much they had grown in just a few short months! Charlie no longer tips over when sitting, and Brooks is just so BIG!

We had such fun this morning! I spent a some time with each little guy one-on-one in their bedrooms (which almost always guarantees great eye contact and expressions!), and we played in the playroom as well as spent a little time in the front yard just tossing the boys around (literally!). There were a few tears, one soothing bottle, a couple of kisses and the expected bribes…it’s amazing how much emotion you can cram into an hour and a half!

Their poor parents are probably certain that we didn’t get anything…and as always, I’m saving the best to show them. For the rest of you, here are a few from this morning.


Evyn and Reed

First, I’m back online…sort of.

Most importantly, I’m able to share one of today’s images. Meet Reed and Evyn-they came all the way from Virginia to play!

I’m pretty sure Reed hates me. I’ll just say it. I think he smiled four times (and all four times you’d better believe I had my camera up and caught him!). I’m saving those to share later with his poor parents who worked SO hard today.

What do you do when the little guy won’t stop crying? Throw everyone upside down and just laugh…because (as his Mommies said) “That’s our Reed!”


I’m still here…

We are having some internet connectivity issues (can you tell I’ve spent the better part of my day on the phone with sbc?). Between Linksys, SBC, and the fairies in between that seem to have taken down our connection (while leaving no trace as to how it was done and who is responsible) I’ve had to resort to taking my laptop to Starbucks to catch up on emails.

Not exactly a bad situation, given that Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are back. But not exactly where I wanted to spend my afternoon.

So if you’ve emailed with a question recently and are wondering “Do they hate me? Where is Sugar?”…we’re here, and hoping to be back online at some point this weekend.



the fall/winter issue of babyDallas will be hitting the stands in a few weeks-keep an eye out and make sure you pick one up! We did the cover earlier this year, and the cover baby was just delicious (when you pick up your issue you’ll notice his gorgeous lips and eyes, and you’ll see exactly what I mean).

Congratulations and thank you to the babies that will be gracing our ad in the fall/winter babyDallas issue. Clockwise are Gabriella, Ella, Gage + Addie!


Third time’s the charm!

Let me just say this…I’m always up for a challenge!

Sweet Jake has had a horrible cough for three weeks, we’ve rescheduled this session twice because of it (and the third time was because I was kidnapped, read the post below). Today was finally the day, and a few minutes after my arrival sweet Jake started to cough, and cough, and cough. He turned beet red and I really thought we’d just do a few of little brother Parker and catch Jake in a few days when he was feeling better. Turns out, he rallied and this session was so worth the wait!

Jake and his little brother Parker were absolute dolls…even after the coughing spasms, even when naptime came and went, and even when Daddy headed off to work…both boys were absolute troopers and just kept charming me with their gorgeous blue eyes and big bright smiles left and right.

What a wonderful set of brothers.