Monthly Archives: August 2006

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September Issues!

The September covers are OUT! Do you see what I mean when I say I had the cutest boys in the world to work with?


A little variety…

First of all, Texans…how much do you love this weather? The rain over the past two days was so badly needed (I think I could hear the lawn slurping it up) and today’s cooler temps made me drag out my corduroy capri’s (because I am ready for it to be Fall already, darn it!). It makes me look forward to our Fall sessions in the park-we’ve sweated enough this Summer, it’s time for some relief!

I know that little ones everywhere are enjoying their first days of school or are gearing up for that big first day. My little ones start tomorrow, and I have spent the last few days getting everyone ready to start (backpacks, lunchboxes, new shoes, the works!).

My little guy will be going 3 hours a day (which gives me three solid hours a day to work and I’ll hopefully be able to stop working into the wee hours of the night! Can you tell I’m excited?)-and he needed a picture of himself for his cubby at school. I know I rarely show my kids here as this is dedicated to all things Sugar, but figured you wouldn’t mind if I indulged just once!

Sweet Ben…faster than he should be, able to strip naked in a single tug…life is never dull in Bensville!

I hope moms everywhere are enjoying watching their babies grow and change, and taking time to not only feel a little weepy when watching them head off to school, so grown up….but also enjoying a Starbucks and a little alone time! Here’s to the Moms!


More girls!

This morning we played with Lexi and her big sister Sydney. Lexi is one of my babyplanners and I can’t say enough how much I love watching these babies grow and change from session to session! It’s incredible!

She also wins the happy baby award-it doesn’t get smilier (is that a word?) than Lexi!

On a side note-this was the swan song for my 85mm 1.8. After this session I dropped it into the mail and shipped it off to a new home, where it will be loved and adored and USED, as I sadly neglected to do. I do so much of my work in clients’ homes and rarely have the room to use this lens, so it’s been sitting on my desk or in my camera bag, feeling lonely and left out. It is a lovely lens, and I know it will enjoy it’s new life immensely (Psst-I heard there would be beaches involved!).


Meet Addison…

Less than a week old…youngest of three girls…and already has some personality!

We started with a sleeping, swaddled baby and all was looking good for Addie’s mom to have that one picture she wanted: Addie curled up on her tummy, sans diaper, fast asleep. Four hours later and we finally convinced her to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep!

It was worth it, we have some amazing images to show for all of Addie’s mommy’s hard work. And I’m saving the best to show them (as always!).

Until then-sweet baby Addison, and how we started our session (this is image 0001-it’s such a great sign that I love the very first image enough to make it blog-worthy! I can’t wait to sit down and edit the rest!)


Mini Sessions…almost gone!

We are amazed and flattered by how quickly the mini sessions are booking up. There only three spots left!

If you are thinking of doing this, or know someone that might be interested, don’t think on it too much longer. We hate turning people away, but we are absolutely booked solid until 2007!

You can contact us by phone or email-our contact information is here.

Check back tomorrow for a break in our recent run of boys, boys boys! Tomorrow we’ll feature newborn Addison, less than a week old (exactly how we like our newborns!) and her TWO older sisters! Her sweet mom has issued a challenge…”I don’t expect a picture of the three of them together!”.

That’s all I needed to hear…now I’m motivated (and hoping I didn’t just shoot myself in the foot by saying that, ha ha).