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More from the land of adults…

I love workshops! I get to make cool photographer friends and learn new techniques…but most of all, I end up inspired and excited about finding ways to integrate what I learned with the tried-and-true lifestyle images that my clients know and love.

This workshop has been all about light, in all different types of situations. From a smoky bar to an old grain silo to a riverbed…finding the light, using the light, and remembering that it is the light that is most important, NOT the background.

So before I delve back into the land of sweet chubby babies with kissable tummies-here are a few from ‘the other side’…where the models stand still and follow directions, but aren’t nearly as much fun as the little folk!

(click on each to see a detailed view)


seminars are exhausting

but before I head to bed (only to wake up early and spend another day with these crazies) I wanted to share just one (click to see it enlarged):


gone for the next few days…

I’m participating in a photography seminar Sunday and Monday, so will be out of pocket both days. I’ll do my very best to reply to all emails and phone calls at the end of each day (though tomorrow night might be iffy since we’re having dinner at Joe T’s…and whenever photographers get together and margaritas are on the menu things get a little crazy).

I hear that we are photographing a ballerina on a lake, a bar scene in downtown Fort Worth, and the other set-ups are going to be surprises! I can’t wait, and hope to have some stellar images to show when I return!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


baby girls

were everywhere today!

Pretty Clara is almost 5 months (time flies so fast with these baby plans!). We had a full session, with no less than three ‘costume’ changes, but also a little guitar playing and book reading with daddy, some elmo time in her new exersaucer, and some pool time! To say she was ready for a nap at the end is an understatement (I hope it was a nice long one guys!).

Sweet 6 month Ellis was our last session today, and we had an absolute ball! Between the gorgeous outfits that her mom assembled (think teal, chocolate, and white), and the even better looking group of women (Ellis, Mommy, Grandma and her sweet nanny Kara), I could have stayed all day! I managed to overshoot…something I work hard not to do, but how could I not? Look at this face!


Thursday? Already?

Seriously, is really already Thursday? How in the world did my week fly by SO fast? I doubt I am alone in this…you start your week and it’s Monday, and you have five days to get stuff done. Then you turn around and tomorrow is Friday and then it’s the weekend…and your list of things to do has managed to grow!? Gah!

So, a meaningless post today because I feel guilty that I haven’t blogged since Tuesday. I know I have a few religious blog readers out there (I see you!) and don’t want to disappoint the Sugar fans!

Tomorrow we have a big day, three sessions in a row…sweet newborn Greta, six month old Clara and six month old Ellis. Tomorrow is ‘day of the baby girls with the coolest names’. I’ll be sure and post afterwards!