Monthly Archives: June 2006

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I am so embarrassingly behind in posting recent sessions. Everyone from the last week-no worries! I *will* be adding your sweet babies SOON.

We returned from our long vacation (Fiji is gorgeous, by the way) and came home to a house under contract…and then five days later the buyers backed out. So while I’ve been shooting scheduled appointments I haven’t been able to come home and proof with my usual gusto and am now behind.

Orders are in and ready to be packaged…sessions are being proofed…I’m second shooting a wedding tomorrow and then July is nice and quiet! I plan to use my long holiday weekend to play CATCH-UP!

Until then-here is sweet Elizabeth from this morning. Probably the world’s fastest session (at 45 minutes tops), but she did so well that when she was done, it was easy to stop since I knew we had so many wonderful images for her fun parents!


Just a reminder that I am out of town until June 22nd!

Ruthann is available during this time to book new sessions, send information packets, and answer any questions. (Contact info is on the website)

Also-Fusion’s deadline is looming! June 10th is the last day that you can make a tax deductible donation of $150 or more and receive a free sitting and 8×10!

Have a great June!



catching up…

just a few quickies to share from recent sessions that weren’t posted for one reason or another (had a computer geek out today to rescue my poor computer-it’s so nice to be back online!)

savana from my session in paris:

hadley (baby planner) in fort worth:

her older brother alex:

sydney and her daddy:

baby planner arden at 6 months:

carter, katie, spencer, trey and amy (…and a partridge in a pear tree):

1 year old ava


busy weekend!

five sessions were set up for this weekend-two in the park on saturday and three under 3 months on sunday…let’s just say there was a lot of pooping going on! (meaning the sunday sessions-the saturday ones were poop-free)

first saturday (poop free day):

twins tyler and tucker who could not have been more fun!

six month old jaxson who is one of my baby planners…I love seeing these little guys grow and change from session to session!

then came sunday…

6 week old jensen and his adorable burberry nursery

a quick run home to grab my other (clean) backdrops and I was off to visit carter and kate:

and a few hours later I had the chance to meet gabriella, which is always fun since I had the chance to photograph her before she was born (I love maternities!)

I have to give snaps to all the dads were the catch-alls for what shall now be known as “bodily function day”…2 out of 3 caught the pee, the (sometimes explosive) poop, and even the spit-up and came back for more! a few changes of clothing later and they were ready (and even willing) to keep playing!

Why did we have five sessions in a weekend?

Well…I am heading out of town for a few weeks and will return June 22nd. During this time you are welcome to leave me an email or voicemail, and I will return these upon my return. Until then, Ruthann is available to mail information packets and book upcoming sessions.

Have a wonderful June!