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the June covers of Dallas Child and Fort Worth Child come out tomorrow, along with the debut of the new website!

Had a great time in Paris, and have some gorgeous images of sweet Dante’ and his older siblings playing under the Eiffel Tower to share (once I recover from my jet lag and climb on top of this pile of things waiting to be dealt with)

Until then…the covers! :) The July covers will be shot on Friday, and we will have so much fun with those!

Also-we are *thrilled* to announce the unveiling of our new website…the ladies at Connective Designs did an amazing job, and it’s clean, simple, sweet, and modern all at one time.



look-I do take pictures of my own kids!

two grubby kids + 1 pear =

and to the victor go the spoils =


FUSION is taking off in a big way! Our calendars are already booking, so if you’re thinking about it, do it! It’s a worthy cause and with so many talented photographers, you can’t go wrong!

just a few more sessions to proof before heading off to Paris for a few days of alone time with my husband. A quick newborn session to shoot while I’m there-I am excited to meet little Dante and his older siblings Savana and Rio!



meet kellen, kieper and karsten

my first session since completing cheryl jacob’s workshop last week. I loved every minute of it, and came back energized, motivated, and inspired! what great timing for these boys!


Fusion is now live!

A wonderful group of photographers and myself have started a charity, and twice a year we’ll choose a local charity that benefits children and have a little fundraiser.

Our first project is “Portraits for Heroes” benefitting Heroes for Children

Our website went live about an hour ago, and we are thrilled! 3 thousand postcards are going out in tomorrow’s mail, another thousand will be spread around town at various boutiques, stores, and the two babystyle stores at willowbend mall and northpark mall. the last thousand are being distributed personally by us (so if you see me in the next few weeks, you’ll be given a postcard of your very own) ;)

For more information, please see our website: FUSION-Photographers For a Cause


I am happy to report that the cover shoots for dallas child and fort worth child went well…two boys in innertubes in a pool…floating in two different directions…it was interesting, but fun and definitely a challenge! I hear that the magazine is thrilled with how they turned out, so that makes me happy! Look for the June issues!

The babyDallas cover is going to be stunning-that little guy was just gorgeous. That issue hits the stands in the fall, I don’t know that I can wait that long!

I am behind in showing off recent sessions-so sorry to any families that are anxiously waiting to see their children!

Here is one from last weekend: