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I’m having software issues so can’t proof tonight, even though I have so much to do. UGH!

So I’m surfing the net and chatting with other photographers…while cleaning off my cards, backing up some files, regular maintenance like that (boring stuff).

Two sessions tomorrow, one on Sunday, and a bunch of families proofing next week-my favorite part of the whole process!

Had a happy little 4 month old today, Jake, who had THE coolest nursery (think grass skirt for the crib skirt, swim trunks for his window valance, and a little surfboard…he was conceived in Hawaii). Would love to share those, but can’t touch them until my computer issues are resolved.

Have a great weekend!



I delivered all 22 orders from my babystyle mini sessions today and it felt *so* great! I am sitting my the phone expecting phone and calls, questions, etc. But so far it has been pretty quiet!

So I’m proofing…looking through sweet Clara’s session from yesterday. Her family has so much love for one another, they were truly a joy to work with! She had the most beautiful dress, it makes me want another girl *just* to dress her in this sweet frilly outfit. She also has reflux and is supposed to be fussy, but she proved everyone wrong and was probably the sweetest, easiest, most laid back little one I’ve had in a long, long time.

I am thrilled that they have signed up for a baby plan, I can’t wait to see her grow and to work with these loving parents (and grandma) again!


A few from a recent session…cutest little Abby in the whole wide world! It’s amazing how kiddos open up when the grownups leave the room and it’s just me, my camera, and their little personalities!


Life’s Lessons

It’s been a long few weeks…lots going on, and I don’t think it’s going to slow down anytime soon.

However, I recently had a session that put a lot of things into perspective for me.

Shelby and her family are going through a really tough time right now-she has cancer and it has spread to her liver. Two days after this session took place she flew to louisiana for experimental surgery, where half her liver was removed and a scope revealed tumors on her uterus and lower intestine.

Shelby is so vibrant and full of life in these images. The love and adoration her family has for her is evident. I am humbled to have been asked to work with this family.

Shelby’s Slideshow