Monthly Archives: March 2006

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finally-pictures of my own kiddos! this is sam when we went kite flying a few days ago. Daddy took over and managed to walk right between to gigantic oaks…and yes, it did get stuck. you can see it hanging in the tree in the upper left-poor kid!

the best part was when we spent time helping her say “goodbye” to her kite (she was crying and pretty upset) and as we walked away it feel out of the tree (wow!). We got ***LUCKY***!

business is good-one session to go and I’m caught up (of course, two more to shoot this weekend, LOL).


seriously-how is it almost midnight again?

I finally finished sawyer’s slideshow-so excited with it! not crazy about the music, but will try to find something new in the morning when I have fresh ears (not worrying about copyrighted stuff since he’s my baby cousin and this is just a family thing).

need to finally finish his older cousin’s session from AUGUST that has been just sitting on my hard drive (thankfully they are very understanding, but still, it’s embarassing!)

then I can get to work on one from our kite flying excursion a few days ago…chuck keeps asking about it ;)

went to babystyle today to drop off my book and some postcards and saw their promo materials with Sam’s picture…as a mom I am so proud of her! as me I’m proud to see my name up there too! CANNOT wait to get those three days over and done with though-it’s going to be a real challenge to incorporate my style with 30 minute mini sessions. should be fairly interesting!

haven’t heard back from my little intern on how she’s progressing with the nicu session…sent her an email and no word back. hopefully that’s a good thing?

one to share from sawyers session