Monthly Archives: February 2006

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I should really be in bed…my eyes are so tired, I have a big day planned tomorrow, and chuck is leaving town for three days. but the internet is basically an addiction for me, so here I sit.

We flew kites today with the kids-I’d share my favorite picture from today (the one with sam crying with her kite caught in the gimongous oak behind her). but I’m too tired to download those, so I’ll post it tomorrow.

Until then-one more from my favorite family of all time-could they *be* any cuter?



I am wading through the most amazing family’s session-I seriously love these people! They are Lebanese, and had family visiting from Lebanon. It was important to them that we photograph the girls with their grandmothers, and I absolutely fell in love with their adorable girls.

someone once told me that I seem to have a tiny little love affair with each of my subjects…I have to admit that they were right!


First Post

Busy, busy…

life is certainly exciting these days! between my own little ones, the addition of my new cousin baby sawyer (born three days ago), work, life, etc things are getting very busy.

not bad busy-just busy

we volunteered for a photography seminar and had an incredible photographer follow us for two days. I’m sure we scared her a time or two (how many moms do you know that break into locked playgrounds? don’t answer that…). She was so fun, and I do admit it was nice having someone to talk to during the day, sort of my own captive audience. It was even nicer that I could talk cameras and photographer with her-I was a happy girl!

I worked with my new intern a little today, and she will work out nicely. It’s too bad she is graduating this summer…I really need someone trained and in place to help me stay on top of things this holiday season. Thankfully she’ll come in handy with the babystyle stuff coming up in a week and a half (omg-I have GOT to finish my “set”! stress!)

it’s late, ben is calling (so rare for him)-so no more proofing or web time tonight.